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Gary Neville weighs in on next Man United manager

Gary Neville Man United

What’s going to happen next in Manchester?

Gary Neville seems to think Manchester United do not know who they are going to appoint as the next manager.

Following Solskjaer’s sacking, United have said that Michael Carrick is set to take over until a manager can come in until the end of the season.

Neville believes that this lack of planning shows that they don’t know who the next permanent manager will be.

While he refused to name any potential candidates, he was quick to say that Antonio Conte was never going to be appointed by the club.

Gary Neville on next Man United manager

Speaking to Sky Sports on Sunday, he said: “If there was a world-class manager sat on the shelf ready to go two or three weeks ago, I think Ole would have been gone by now.

“People will say ‘Antonio Conte has gone to Tottenham’. He was never coming to Manchester United. This board were never going to appoint him. I don’t think he’d have been a fit for Manchester United and I don’t think there is one at this moment in time so they have to get someone in temporarily until someone becomes available.”

He said that it’s crucial that the person who comes in “can take forward the work Ole has done”, something he feels Conte would have been incapable of doing.

Neville also addressed the fact that he recently said that United would definitely give Solskjaer until the end of the season.

He said: “What’s happened this last two months I can’t explain. Villarreal at home, Everton, Villa is where it started, they looked so open, so blasĂ©, they thought they could go and beat anybody.

“They’ve not been able to get right since. They’ve looked rudderless on and off the pitch and it’s caught everyone by surprise. When Ronaldo signed no one thought this was going to happen.

“A couple of weeks ago I thought getting to the end of the season was the right thing to do if they could, they obviously haven’t been able to do that.”

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