Frank Lampard on Marcelo Bielsa ‘spygate’ incident

Frank Lampard Marcelo Bielsa

“He was in the bushes laying down…”

Frank Lampard has opened up on Marcelo Bielsa and the ‘spygate’ incident that took place back in 2019.

Lampard was in charge of Derby County at the time, when he infamously found a member of Bielsa’s coaching team spying on one of his training sessions.

During a recent episode of The Overlap, Gary Neville asked Lampard about the incident, and what he really thought about Bielsa’s response.

Lampard said that while he was bothered by what happened, his public response was more passionate than he felt really.

Frank Lampard on Marcelo Bielsa and ‘spygate’

He said: “You know what? It’s a hard one for me. It really came across that I was really angry about it, and I kind of was, but it was more my game face.

“If I stepped out and said ‘everyone does that, who cares?’, it would have…

“I felt it was a bit out of order. The spy thing came the day before we were playing them, and Harry Wilson was injured.

“So he wasn’t in the shape that we did and we did a few set pieces. But it wouldn’t have changed the game, they beat us the next day.

When Neville asked specifically what the spy was doing, Lampard said: “He was in the bushes laying down, and he had his binoculars out. He couldn’t have got that much information, but from Bielsa’s side, he says that much information wins us the game or not.

“But it was offside. It was a little bit wrong, and I had to defend that. I can’t come out and say that, I had to just say ‘it’s out of order’.

“The good thing for me is that it did get the bit between my teeth…”

Lampard feels as though he may have gotten revenge over Leeds and Bielsa when his side beat them in the playoffs in the Championship.

Bielsa admitted after he was caught by Lampard that he had spied on every single team in the league at some point.

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