Dillon Danis predicts KSI fight won’t happen due to “stupid rules”

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Just over two weeks out…

Dillon Danis has predicted that his planned fight with KSI won’t happen due to “stupid rules” being introduced.

Danis and KSI are set to have a boxing match on 14 January, but the Bellator MMA fighter has said that he is doubtful it’s going to take place at all.

Danis told former UFC Champion Chael Sonnen that KSI’s team are trying to introduce new rules that shows “they are looking for a way out”.

One of the rules mentioned is a “rehydration clause” that will require Danis to have gained no more than four pounds between the official weigh-in and 4pm on fight night.

Dillon Danis on KSI fight

He said: “I feel like the fight won’t happen.

“I think they’re starting to get scared. I think they saw clips or people like you saying I was going to win. They’re trying to make weird things in the contract now two weeks before. I feel like they’re looking for a way out.

“If they want to go and make all these stupid rules in the fight [they can]. It’s not a professional fight so they’re trying to do everything [to] handicap for me.”

Danis told Sonnen that the drama surrounding the YouTuber boxing fight has inspired him to want to get back to the world of MMA as soon as possible.

“So, whatever happens, happens. I’ll go back to what I do best, MMA. A real fight, not a half a fight with these guys who don’t even know how to fight.

“If it does happen like that, I don’t wait for nobody, I would jump on that Bellator card… Bader vs Fedor. I just keep moving so whatever happens I don’t need anybody I just need myself.”

Danis returning to the world of MMA is likely what’s best for him, as he was once regarded as one of the best BJJ fighters in the world.

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