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Didier Drogba takes dig at Arsenal in Willian tweet

Didier Drogba Willian

It hasn’t gone down too well among Arsenal fans.

Didier Drogba has posted a tweet that seems specifically intended to wind up Arsenal fans, and it definitely appears to have done its job.

Willian recently tore up his contract at Arsenal, and moved to Corinthians, after things didn’t go to plan for him at the North London club.

Didier Drogba Willian

Didier Drogba riles up Arsenal fans

Drogba posted to Twitter when it seemed like Willian was leaving Arsenal, and urged him to come back to Chelsea, where the two played together.

He then tweeted to say that he always hopes that those who leave Chelsea return to the club in some capacity, but it was how this tweet ended that angered Arsenal fans.

He wrote: “Thank you agent Willian, your mission is over, like David Luiz and Petr Cech.”

This is of course a reference to the fact that all three of these players left Chelsea to go to Arsenal, and none of them performed to the level they did at their previous club.

In the case of Cech, he he has since gone back to Chelsea from Arsenal, to work as a technical and performance advisor for the Champions League holders.

Willian’s Arsenal exit

Speaking after he left the club, Willian’s agent Kia Joorabchian told talkSPORT that the player was not to blame for it not working out at Arsenal.

“I think Willian did the right thing, he went for the project and the project wasn’t there.

“Unfortunately, I’d have to say, which player has moved to Arsenal that has not been a disaster in the last couple of years? That one I speak as a fan.

“I don’t think this is about Willian. I think something has gone wrong and this is just one piece of the puzzle.”

Arsenal and Chelsea have had two very different starts to the Premier League campaign, with Chelsea unbeaten, and Arsenal without a point or a goal.

Didier Drogba Willian

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