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Didi Hamann tears into “arrogant” Rudiger for showboating vs Japan

Didi Hamann Rudiger

The German was not happy with his fellow countryman.

Didi Hamann tore into Rudiger for his “arrogant showboating” in the second-half of Germany’s shocking defeat to Japan on Wednesday afternoon.

When Germany were 1-0 up, Rudiger tried to see the ball out and did a running style that looked as though he was mocking the Japanese opponent.

Rudiger has in fact done this exact thing on a number of occasions, having previously said it was to get the Chelsea fans to make some noise.

Hamann had no time for it either way, describing it as disrespectful and arrogant to the opponent.

Didi Hamann on Rudiger’s “showboating

Speaking on RTE, he said: “Rudiger knows he’s going to run the ball out of play and he lifts up his legs… You don’t belittle the opposition (like that) because it always comes back at some stage.

“I think it was very unprofessional. I think it was out of order. Arrogant. There’s no defence for it whatsoever. He was having a laugh, there’s only one team having a laugh now.

“I don’t know how many people picked up on it, but I will highlight it again because it’s not acceptable. This is the spirit of the game, it’s about respect. He didn’t respect his opponent. And he paid the price for it. I think it was very unprofessional.”

Liam Brady agreed with Hamann, insisting that Rudiger will not be smiling now, after Japan’s excellent comeback to win 2-1.

He said: “He’ll be embarrassed when he sees that again and when he sees that result too. Because the Japanese got their own back on him. I think it was (Takuma) Asano he was taking the mickey out of. As Didi says, he won’t be smiling now.”

Brady had previously described Japan’s win as “one of the best second-half performances” he had ever seen in the World Cup. More on that here. 

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