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Didi Hamann makes excellent point about Pep Guardiola teams

Erling Haaland Man City

A valid criticism of the City boss.

Didi Hamann has made an excellent point about Pep Guardiola teams, and why they tend to suffer in the latter stages of the Champions League.

This comes after Manchester City were knocked out by Real Madrid in incredible circumstances on Wednesday night.

Guardiola’s teams are often criticised for being too robotic and formulaic, with the manager demanding his players to play a certain way, and normally it works.

Didi Hamann on Pep Guardiola

But when it doesn’t, it’s very noticeable, something which Hamann tweeted about after the game.

He wrote: “If you give players responsibility they act responsible. If you try to play the game for them they won’t. Guardiola suffocates teams and players to make their own decisions. Compare that to (Carlo) Ancelotti’s or (Jurgen) Klopp’s teams.”

He continued: “Never seen a team as helpless as City in last 15 minutes. Usually, you always get one more chance they never.”

Didi Hamann on Pep Guardiola

Speaking on Sky Sports on Thursday morning, Hamman went into further detail on the state of the Champions League, insisting what Liverpool are doing is “astonishing”.

He said: “It’s astonishing to be in May and still have a chance to win all four titles. You get to a stage where you get a feeling that one bad half or one bad game, and they could lose it all.

“But even if they lose one title, they could still win three which would be an amazing achievement.”

Many in the past have felt that creative, individual players are not suited to playing under Guardiola, because of how regimented his system is, and the lack of fluidity that comes with it.

This could be why players like Jack Grealish, who missed a great chance to win the game for City, often suffer when they go to a Guardiola side.

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