Damien Duff and Didi Hamann react after further concussion controversy at Euro 2020

Duff concussion

“It’s sickening actually, watching him going down.”

Damien Duff and Didi Hamann reacted strongly after Christoph Baumgartner was not taken off until the 33rd minute off the game between Ukraine and Austria.

Speaking on RTÉ, the two called for the rules to change so that the situation looks more similar to that in rugby, where a player can replace the injured player while he gets examined by a doctor.

Duff said that watching Baumgartner, who went down three times in the first half of the match on Monday, was “sickening”.

Damien Duff on concussion rule.

Duff said: “It’s sickening watching him going down. I think the rules don’t help the manager… Allow Baumgartner to come off and get a HIA test and you’ve still got 11 on 11. But I think that influences managers. They don’t want to go down to 10 men.

“We all think we’re invincible. There’s obviously something drastically wrong with him. All it is is a slight rule change, you can keep it 11 vs 11 on the pitch. It will be interesting to see now if he plays the next game.

“What test is he getting? I’m intrigued to see if he plays the next game.”

Hamann, meanwhile, said that we need “something in place” that protects the players, and that the damage being done to the brain could only start to appear in 10 or 15 years.

Damien Duff and Kevin Doyle on concussion and handball rule

Speaking on the same subject last week, Damien Duff and Kevin Doyle called for the handball rule to allow for players to protect their face when stood in the wall for a free-kick.

The two were doing punditry for the game between Ukraine and North Macedonia, which saw a penalty awarded to Ukraine after Avramovski handled the ball in an attempt to stop it hitting him in the head.

Both Duff and Doyle were both bewildered after the game, wondering whether those who make the rules would rather players just take a ball to the head at point blank range, and risk concussion as a result.

Duff said that the rule, however, won’t change “before something happens to a player”.

Kevin Doyle retired from football due to ongoing concussion and head injury issues.

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