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Over a month on, we’re still waiting on the Cristiano Ronaldo interview

cristiano ronaldo interview

Still no sign…

Cristiano Ronaldo made no secret about the fact he wanted to leave Manchester United during the summer.

He refused to take part in pre-season training under new manager Erik ten Hag, and he is facing the consequences of those actions this season.

He has only started when others have been injured, and is otherwise a bench player who is attempting to earn a place in the team via his Europa League performances.

But during the summer, when Ronaldo was seemingly trying to orchestrate a move away from United, he took to social media to complain about the supposed fake news surrounding him.

Cristiano Ronaldo on big interview

He said: “They know the truth when they interview in a couple of weeks (sic). The media is telling lies. I have a notebook and in the last few months of the 100 news I made, only five were right. Imagine how it is.”

He made it clear that he was going to do a tell-all interview that would explain exactly why he missed the pre-season of a new manager, creating an unnecessary media storm and immediate pressure on Ten Hag.

Cristiano Ronaldo interview

We are now over a month on from him saying that the interview would take place in two weeks, and still nothing.

No statement explaining why he behaved the way he did, no proof of the “lies” that the media is telling.

But for some reason it seems as though United fans have began warming to him again, after some decent performances off the bench and a penalty scored in the Europa League against Sherrif.

Ronaldo’s behaviour during the summer was one thing, but leading United fans to thinking there was going to be a revealing interview that would clear everything up, and then going silent again, is even worse.

Ronaldo desperately wanted to play Champions League football this season, but no manager of a big club was willing to take the risk. It’s because of things like this.

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