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Cristiano Ronaldo clarifies awkward Bruno Fernandes interaction

Cristiano Ronaldo Bruno Fernandes

A fairly simple explanation.

Cristiano Ronaldo has clarified the awkward interaction he had with Bruno Fernandes that was caught on camera recently.

Ronaldo and Fernandes met up on international duty ahead of the World Cup, in the wake of the former’s controversial interview with Piers Morgan.

The two seemed to have a cold exchange, as Ronaldo said something to Fernandes, with the two then sharing an awkward glance.

Ronaldo has since explained what happened between the two, and also what took place in a training ground exchange between him and Joao Cancelo, which also went viral.

Cristiano Ronaldo on Bruno Fernandes exchange

He said: “In these final stages of the competition I think that there are always those type of moments of controversy.

“We were just playing around – we have great relations.

“His plane was late and I asked him, ‘Did you come by boat?’ I was goofing around.

“Same with [Joao] Cancelo. He was sad during practice. I said, ‘Wake up, come on, you’ve got this!’ Another controversy on your end.”

Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes exchange

Fernandes himself has spoken quite eloquently about the entire situation, in an attempt to downplay any potential issue he has with Ronaldo.

Asked if he gave Ronaldo the cold shoulder, Fernandes replied: “Why do you say that? They put the sound [on the video] after. Did you hear it with the sound? You have to.

“In Portugal we have a problem, that I was watching one of the channels that was talking about that, ‘was cold, was bad’, for 45 minutes.

“All of a sudden they go to a break, the national team send it with sound.”

Fernandes will likely be starting for Portugal alongside Ronaldo as they attempt to get out of a different really difficult group that consists of Uruguay, South Korea and Ghana.

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