David Meyler says Uefa should be “ashamed” following Champions League final

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The former Ireland international was at the match.

David Meyler has said that Uefa should be “ashamed” following the Champions League final, and what happened outside the stadium.

Kickoff was delayed on a number of occasions, with Uefa pitting the blame on fans who arrived at the stadium without tickets, or with fake ones.

However, some in attendance have questioned the validity of this argument, insisting the problem was a lack of organisation on Uefa’s part.

Uefa’s statement read: “In the lead-up to the game, the turnstiles at the Liverpool end became blocked by thousands of fans who had purchased fake tickets which did not work in the turnstiles.

“This created a build-up of fans trying to get in. As a result, the kick off was delayed by 35 minutes to allow as many fans as possible with genuine tickets to gain access.

“As numbers outside the stadium continued to build up after kick off, the police dispersed them with tear gas and forced them away from the stadium.

“Uefa is sympathetic to those affected by these events and will further review these matters urgently together with the French police and authorities, and with the French Football Federation.”

David Meyler on Champions League final

Meyler isn’t having it though, insisting that the governing body should be ashamed at the way they handled a game of such magnitude.

He tweeted: “Tonight is the first time in my life that I’ve been scared entering a football ground. Uefa you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Thibaut Courtois, the Real Madrid goalkeeper and man of the match from the final, has also condemned how Liverpool fans were treated at the game.

He wrote: “I feel sorry for Liverpool fans and the way they were treated. I hope everyone got home safe!”

Meyler was not alone in feeling afraid at the game, with many taking to social media saying they contemplated leaving out of fear.

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