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Bruno Fernandes on his interesting referee tactic

bruno fernandes referee

He had a specific tactic for Mike Dean.

Bruno Fernandes has opened up on an interesting referee tactic that he uses to create space for himself at Manchester United.

Fernandes, who is often near the referees, has a tendency to be the first player giving out when a decision goes against his side.

However, this isn’t the only way in which he uses the referees to try to gain an advantage.

He has revealed that he tries to occupy an area he refers to as “the referee zone”, in an attempt to play between the lines.

Bruno Fernandes on the referee zone

“Normally, I call these the ‘referee zone’,” he said, speaking to The Athletic. “Because nobody marks the referee. Sometimes, this is what the coaches say to players who play between the lines, or the wingers who want to come inside, or the striker when he wants to drop. Of course, sometimes the positions are different because it can be a counter-attack, for example.

“It also depends on the way an official referees the game. Mike Dean, for example, ran very centrally, which was probably for him better to see the game, but for us as a No 10, that cannot be our position, so you have to find out where you can go.”

bruno fernandes referee

Elaborating on the relationship he has with referees, Fernandes said that he is not the only player in the Premier League who moans when he feels he is fouled…

He said: “I play for Man United, so I know all the cameras are on our players, but everyone in the Premier League does that. At Crystal Palace, (Wilfried) Zaha is always moaning at the referee. It is because he gets fouled, so it is normal he moans at the referee. That’s normal! He wants his fouls and for the referee to give yellows (to opponents).

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