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Bruno Fernandes and Pepe accuse referees of fixing World Cup for Argentina

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Some incredibly bold accusations.

Bruno Fernandes and Pepe have both outright accused referees of fixing the 2022 World Cup in favour of Argentina.

This comes after their shock exit in the quarter-finals to Morocco, who become the first African country to ever reach a World Cup semi-final.

Portugal’s players feel unhappy with the fact that the referee of their game against Morocco was Argentina, given his country are still in the tournament.

Fernandes and Pepe seem to be implying that it’s beneficial for Argentina for Morocco to advance instead of Portugal, as it may make for an easier final.

Bruno Fernandes and Pepe fume at referee

Fernandes said: “I don’t know if they’re going to give the cup to Argentina. I don’t care, I’m going to say what I think and screw them. It’s very weird that a ref officiates us from a country still in the competition.

“Clearly they’ve tilted the field against us.”

Pepe took it one step further, naming Lionel Messi specifically, and insisting there should have been a different referee.

He said: “I’m going to have to say it. It’s unacceptable for an Argentine referee to referee our game. After what happened yesterday, with Messi talking, all of Argentina talking and the referee comes here.

“What did we play the second half? The goalkeeper dropped to the ground. There were only eight minutes of stoppage time. We worked hard and the referee eight minutes?

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