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Ben Foster reveals fascinating Mo Salah penalty interaction

Ben Foster Mo Salah

“Oh, you clever, clever boy”…

Last week, Liverpool went to Vicarage Road and beat Watford 5-0. Days later they went to Madrid and defeated Atletico, and then on Sunday, they went to Old Trafford and won 5-0 again.

What do these wins all have in common? Mo Salah stealing the show.

He scored a goal of the season contender against Watford past goalkeeper Ben Foster, and the two had a fascinating conversation after the game.

Speaking on his popular YouTube channel, Foster revealed that Salah asked him one question after the game, and it helps us understand why he’s the best player in the world at the minute.

Ben Foster on conversation with Mo Salah

Ben Foster Mo Salah

He said: “The bit I want to talk about, in particular, is the bit about Mo Salah. About what he said to me at full-time that made me think: ‘Oh my gosh, you are so professional, so driven. You want to be the best you can possibly be’.

“They’ve just won the game 5-0, Mo Salah scored one goal in the game. He came up to me at full-time and he’s got his hand over his mouth a little bit because he didn’t want the cameras to catch it. But he’s come up and he’s gone: ‘Ben, Ben’. I’ve gone: ‘Okay, yeah?’ And he’s gone: ‘If I’d got a penalty, which way would you have dived?’

“Now, as soon as he said that, I thought: ‘Oh, you clever, clever boy’. Because we do our research. All the goalkeepers do their research on strikers and will try and find out where their last four, five or 10 penalties might have gone, for example. And Mo Salah, his last five penalties, he put to the keeper’s right.

“So I’ve looked at him and gone: ‘I’d have dived to my right because you put your last five penalties to the right’. And a big smile came up on his face, a big grin, and he went: ‘Yeah, thank you. I need to know.’

“So, not content with just winning the game 5-0 and scoring a goal, being man of the match and scoring an unbelievable goal. He has to know the tiny, little details about in his next game, if he gets that penalty, which way he should put it. That, for me, is why Mo Salah is at the top. He is the top.”

Just over a week after this win, Salah scored a hat-trick against United, further making the case that there is nobody better than him playing football at the moment.

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