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Ander Herrera trolls Marcos Rojo over fire extinguisher antics

Ander Herrera rojo

It wouldn’t be like Marcos Rojo to get involved in a massive brawl…

Ander Herrera has poked fun at Marcos Rojo over his fire extinguisher antics on Tuesday night.

The incident occurred after a Copa Libertadores match between Atletico Mineiro and Rojo’s Boca Juniors ended in a brawl, after the Argentinian side lost on penalties.

Both legs of the tie finished 0-0, but Boca’s players were furious at not having being awarded a goal. The controversial VAR decision led to a nasty incident in the tunnel, where Rojo was seen to be wielding a fire extinguisher seemingly as a weapon.

While Mineiro and Boca players clashed in the tunnel, Rojo did not actually strike anyone with the extinguisher.

ESPN reported that ‚ÄúPeruvian defender Carlos Zambrano and Colombian striker Sebastian Villa were booked by the military police to explain their actions‚ÄĚ and that players ‚Äúspat at and attacked police officers.‚ÄĚ

Ander Herrera trolls Marcos Rojo over fire extinguisher

PSG midfielder Ander Herrera has since poked fun at Rojo’s wild antics on his Instagram page.¬† Herrera shared a picture of him and his former Manchester United teammate,¬† but edited a fire extinguisher into Rojo’s hands in the image.

Ander Herrera rojo

Atletico Mineiro shared their side of events on their Twitter page after the game, claiming that after the game: “Boca athletes went down the tunnel and went to the visitors‚Äô locker room. A few minutes later, players and the coaching staff of the Argentine team left the venue and, in a block, headed towards the referees‚Äô locker room.”

Both sides are expected to face sanctions as a result of the incident.

Rojo played for United from 2014 until 2021, and incredibly was never sent off for the club, despite some of his rash challenges. Herrera on the other hand, was sent off twice for United during his five years at the club.

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