Seamus Coleman backs “very thorough” Ireland staff ahead of September fixtures

Seamus Coleman backs “very thorough” Ireland staff ahead of September fixtures

Seamus Coleman rules himself out of upcoming Ireland fixtures.

Although Seamus Coleman says he feels “better than I thought I would be” after suffering a serious looking injury in Everton’s May meeting with Leicester, he will not be back in action in time for the Republic of Ireland’s September fixtures against France and the Netherlands.

Coleman, who was a star performer in Ireland’s March meeting with the French, is still rehabilitating at Everton and has only got back running away from the team in the last couple of weeks.

That means he will be unable to help avenge a “very disappointing” away defeat to Greece by contributing away to France and again at home to the Netherlands –  a game the Ireland skipper sees “as a real opportunity to get something”.

Coleman backs Kenny to succeed as Ireland boss.

With the 2-1 loss in Athens came the usual scrutiny of Ireland manager Stephen Kenny, but there remains an apparent contrast of opinion between pundits and the team itself.

Coleman spar

Speaking after that game in Greece, Coleman’s right wing-back competitor Matt Doherty remarked “We are prepared unbelievably well, they do everything for us.

“I was just saying behind the scenes, the staff, the manager, Keith [Andrews], Sheasy [John O’Shea], Deano [Dean Kiely], for me they are absolutely the right people.”

“The are absolutely the right people for the job. Nobody can prepare us as well as they have and will continue to do.”

“Zero excuses. Everything was laid out for us, the way to beat them and we just didn’t play well.”

And speaking to Pundit Arena on Wednesday morning, Coleman echoed Doherty’s sentiments by reflecting on the first three years of Kenny’s stewardship.

“I have found him a man who is so proud to be Ireland manager and doesn’t take any shortcuts in what he does.  Coleman Doherty

“He only lives and breathes it and he does everything that he can to make sure we get the result midweek or at the weekend.

“Unfortunately some of them results haven’t gone the right way but anyone who knows me over the last ten years or whatever (knows) I put responsibility on players to perform and there’s no way we go into games unprepared with no understanding of what we’re doing because the work they do behind the scenes is very thorough.

“He’s a man who is desperate to do well for Ireland and I hope that will be the case because he cares so much”.

Seamus Coleman

The LOI and the future of Irish football.

Helping Ireland’s fortunes in the coming years could be the implications of Brexit. As Ireland-born players cannot move to an English club before they turn eighteen, some believe that the exposure to men’s football rather than academy football will stand to the next generation.

Coleman is an example of an Irish player who learned his craft domestically before crossing the water and, given his success in the game, he is one such advocate for youngsters learning their trade in Ireland.

“I think it is [a positive thing]. I’ve said this before, it’s very difficult because I didn’t have the choice at seventeen to go to an English club or a Scottish club,” said the Everton captain.

“I wasn’t at that level at that age, or sixteen, and I’m glad I wasn’t because I wouldn’t have been ready to go that young and I learned a lot from playing fifty, sixty something games at Sligo Rovers against men.

“So when I went over I had a bit more experience under my belt so I felt like I needed that. At the same time, if you’re a sixteen, seventeen year-old kid and you’re offered something abroad or whatever when it’s there in front of you it’s harder to say ‘no I’ll stay and do this’, but I think we’re starting to show the right signs.

“The opportunity for younger players in Ireland is good and ultimately it gives them a decision to make but for me, playing men’s football – fifty or sixty games – helped me massively before I went over. You know, rather than playing at academy level.”

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