LOI Radar: Tracking the League Of Ireland’s underage prospects

LOI Radar: Tracking the League Of Ireland’s underage prospects

Ireland underage internationals in the League of Ireland. 

Welcome to ‘LOI Radar‘ your weekly hub for tracking Republic of Ireland underage prospects who play in the League of Ireland.

Listed beside the players’ names is the oldest Ireland underage level they have played or trained with over the last 12 months.

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Last updated 17:30 30/10/2023


Derinsola Adewale (DF, U19): Not involved

Luca Cailloce (CB, U17): Not involved

Fiachra Coffey (RB, U17): Not involved

Joe Collins (GK, U19): Not involved

Billy Gilmore (CM, U19): Not involved 

Chris Lotefa (ST, U19): Not involved

Jake McCormack (CB, U19): Not involved

James McManus (CM, U19): Sub Vs Dundalk, intro, 2-0 loss

Taylor Mooney (CM, U19): Not involved

Finn Cowper Gray (RB, U18): Not involved

Ruadhan Kane (CB,U18): Not involved

Sean McCarthy (CB, U17): Not involved

Daniel McGrath (CM, U17):  Not involved

Nickson Okosun (ST, U17): Not involved

Cork City:

Tiernan Brooks (GK, U21): Start Vs Derry City, 1-0 loss

Jimmy Corcoran (GK, U21): Not involved

Zack Dunne (CM, U19): Not involved

Josh Fitzpatrick (LW, U19): Sub Vs Derry City, unused

John O’Donovan (CB, U19): Sub Vs Derry City, unused

Joe O’Brien-Whitmarsh (CM, U18):Not involved 

Eanna Fitzgerald (CM, U18): Not involved

Liam Murray (CM, U18): Not involved

Matthew Murray (CM, U17): Not involved

Jaden Umeh (LW, U17): Not involved

Derry City: 

Conor Barr (CB, U19): Not involved

Fintan Doherty, (GK, U18): Not involved


Warren Davis (LW, U19): Sub Vs Sligo, intro 54′, 0-0 draw

Evan Weir (CB, U21): Start Vs Sligo, 0-0 draw

Andrew Wogan,(GK, U19): Start Vs Sligo 0-0 draw


Oisin Coleman (CM, U19): Not involved

Anthony Mayo (ST, U19): Not involved

Senan Mullen (CM, U18): Start Vs Bohemians, 2-0 win

Shamrock Rovers: 

Johnny Kenny (ST, U21): Start Vs St Pat’s, 2-0 win

Sean Carey (CB, U19): Not involved

Kieran Cruise (LB, U19): Not involved

Carl Lennox (CB, U19): Not involved

Gideon Tetteh (LW, U18): Not involved

Cory O’Sullivan (LB, U17): Not involved

John O’Sullivan (LB, U17): Not involved

Naj Razi (AM, U17): Sub Vs St Pat’s, unsued

James Roche (CB, U17): Not involved

Freddie Turley (CM, U17): Not involved


Gbemi Arubi (ST, U18): Sub Vs UCD, intro 89′, 3-2 win

Evan Caffrey (CM, U21): Sub Vs UCD, intro 61′, 3-2 win

Jamie Gamble (GK, U17): Not involved

Jad Hakiki (AM, U19): Sub Vs UCD, unsued

Gavin Hodgins (ST, U19): Not involved

Taylor McCarthy (CB, U17): Not involved

Stephen Mohan (CM, U18): Not involved

Harvey Nugent (CM, U19): Not involved

David Toure (CB, U19): Not involved

Sligo Rovers:

Eli Rooney (DF, U19):Not involved

Conor Walsh (GK, U19): Sub Vs Drogheda, unused

St Patrick’s Athletic: 

James Byrne (CM, U19): Not involved

Conor Carty (ST, U21): Sub Vs Shamrock Rovers, intro 61′, 2-0 loss

Sam Curtis (RB, U21): Start Vs Shamrock Rovers, 2-0 loss

Kian Leavy (AM, U21): Start Vs Shamrock Rovers, 2-0 loss

Jay McGrath (CB, U21): Sub Vs Shamrock Rovers, unused

Adam Murphy (CM, U21): Start Vs Shamrock Rovers, 2-0 loss

Jason Florain (ST, U19): Not involved

Darius Lipsiuc (CM, U19): Not invovled

Tommy Lonergan (ST, U19): Start Vs Shamrock Rovers, 2-0 loss

Sean McHale (CB, U18): Not involved

Luke O’Brien (LB, U18): Not involved

Rhys Bartley (CM, U17): Not involved

Anthony Dodd (CM, U17): Not involved

Sean Hayden (CB, U17): Not involved

Sean Mackey (CB, U17): Not involved

Mason Melia (ST, U17): Start Vs Shamrock Rovers, 2-0 loss

Taylor Mooney (ST, U17): Not involved


Matthew Alonge (CM, U19): Not involved

Eanna Clancy (CB, U19): Start Vs Shelbourne, 3-2 loss

Jesse Dempsey (LB, U19):Start Vs Shelbourne, 3-2 loss

Jake Doyle (ST, U19): Sub Vs Shelbourne, intro 75′, 3-2 loss

Luke O’Regan (CM, U19): Sub Vs Shelbourne, unused

Daniel Babb (RB, U17): Sub Vs Shelbourne, intro 90′, 3-2 loss

LOI Radar: First Division

Bray Wanderers 

Billy O’Neill (WG, U16): N/A

Cobh Ramblers: 

Tiernan O’Brien (ST, U19): Sub, intro 82′, 1-1 draw

Michael McCarthy (RB, U19): Not involved

Finn Harps 

Aaron McLaughlin (AM, U17): N/A

Oisin Cooney (GK, U16): N/A

Galway United 

Steven Healy (CM, U19): N/A

David Tarmey (ST, U19): N/A

Mikey McCullagh  (CM, U19): N/A

Kieran McDonagh (GK, U19): N/A

Adam O’Halloran (CB, U17): N/A

Kerry FC

Kennedy Amechi (ST, U19): N/A

Darragh Foley: N/A

Longford Town:

Lewis Temple (CB, U19): N/A


Harry Nevin (RB, U19): Sub Vs Athlone, unused

Anthony Adenepo (CM, U19): Not involved

Harvey Warren (LB, U19): Not involved

Romeo Akachukwu (CM, U17): Sub, intro 64′, three goals, 3-1 win

Jason Healy (GK. U17): Not involved



Owen Mason (GK, U21): Start Vs Cobh, 1-1 draw

Kian Corbally (CM, U19): Start Vs Cobh, 1-1 draw

Eoin Kenny: (ST, U19): Sub Vs Cobh, unused

James Crawford (LB, U19): Start Vs Cobh, one goal, 1-1 draw

Luke Browne (CB, U18): Start Vs Cobh, 1-1 draw

Kaylem Harnett (RB, U17): Not involved