England boss Gareth Southgate ‘livid’ at treatment of defender Harry Maguire

England boss Gareth Southgate ‘livid’ at treatment of defender Harry Maguire

Gareth Southgate says that English people’s treatment of Harry Maguire is ‘a joke’.

England manager Gareth Southgate has slammed some of the attitudes and behaviours of English people towards defender Harry Maguire.

Maguire scored an own-goal during England’s 3-1 defeat of Scotland on Tuesday night, placing the Manchester United centre-half in the firing line for familiar ridicule.

Southgate suggested that Scottish fans taunted Maguire during the game but accepts that such behaviour from opposition fans is a part of football culture.

But while he says the English fans in the stadium last night were “brilliant”, the 53-year-old was much angered by the wider treatment of Maguire.

Gareth Southgate ‘livid’ at the treatment of Harry Maguire.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, the England manager said: “He’s just come out and spoken to the media, which I think shows the resilience and the character of him.

“We’re now in a situation where, because of people in our own country, the opposition think they can have fun with him. What’s that about?

“He’s been an incredible player for England in one of the most successful teams we’ve had – critical for what we’ve been doing.

“We allow him to be open to that? It’s a joke; an absolute joke. It makes me livid.”


“Thankfully he’s got the support of the dressing room and the people behind him. I thought the England fans in the stadium tonight were absolutely brilliant.

“I’ve no problem with the Scotland fans – they’re having fun. But what stirs that up is people in our own country. Other players will think: ‘Is that what awaits us?’

“Great credit to him that he managed to show the composure with the ball, keep the ball and put that moment behind him.”