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Wayne Rooney Explains Exactly Why Games Must Not Be Played Behind Closed Doors

wayne rooney

Wayne Rooney has stated that games must not be played behind closed doors when football returns over the coming months.

Last week, English football extended the suspension of matches until at least April 30, as countries attempt to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

The Premier League decided to extend the current season indefinitely, meaning they plan to finish it no matter how long it takes.

And, with Euro 2020 delayed until June 2021, European leagues will have the summer to complete domestic campaigns – if countries get the coronavirus situation under control, of course.

According to The Telegraph, the Premier League is putting together a plan to resume games from June 1. The matches would be played behind closed doors, and the division hopes to wrap up the season before the 2020/21 season is scheduled to begin on August 8.

However, Rooney has stated that games should not be played behind closed doors. The Derby County captain has said that people are still at risk of spreading and catching Covid-19 when matches are staged in empty stadiums.

He also said that the games would be an unnecessary drain on medical resources in a crisis, as even events staged behind closed doors require medical personnel to be present.

Wayne Rooney

“It wouldn’t surprise me if finishing the season takes until the end of 2020,” Rooney said in his column in The Sunday Times.

“Football, like every other industry, is in unknown territory and, just like every other industry, has to listen to the advice and take all necessary precautions. For me, that rules out finishing the season behind closed doors.

‘When you play behind closed doors it still means bringing together a fairly large group of people. You’ve got players, coaches, technical staff, physios, camera crews and other media, bus drivers, staff at the ground, the chefs preparing the pre-match meal.

Wayne Rooney

“If the game is away from home you’ve got hotels, travel and all the risks associated with that. Football is the easy part. The problem is all the logistics that perhaps people don’t see.

“Most important of all, even for a closed-doors game you need ambulances, doctors, paramedics. They’re mandatory.

“Police may be needed too. Why bring them all to a football match when in this crisis they will be needed elsewhere for things that are far more important.

“I wouldn’t be comfortable playing a game knowing there were people dying or very sick because of coronavirus and we’re taking those workers away from the front line.

“The FA has said the season will finish so there’s no need to rush. We should wait and think of society. Put on a football game right now — for what?”

In his column last week, Rooney criticised how English football authorities handled the coronavirus crisis, accusing them as treating footballers as “guinea pigs.”

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