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Roy Keane and Jamie Redknapp clash again on Sky Sports about Spurs

roy keane jamie redknapp

“It’s always great to be top of the league in November, vital time of the season that.”

Roy Keane and Jamie Redknapp had another disagreement about Tottenham Hotspur live on Sky Sports. The debate began in a more lighthearted manner than the last time the pair clashed on screen. However, they were soon at loggerheads again about Spurs.

Keane and Redknapp were discussing Tottenham’s season ahead of their match against Manchester United at White Hart Lane.

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Roy Keane & Jamie Redknapp disagree about Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs were top of the Premier League table back in November, but they have had a difficult spell since.

Jose Mourinho’s team exited the FA Cup and the Europa League and slid down the table in the English top flight.

From a potential title challenge, Spurs now face a fight to finish in the top four and qualify for the Champions League.

Mourinho has been critical of his players and there are reports that Harry Kane may look to leave the club.

On Sunday afternoon, ahead of the game between Tottenham and Man United, Keane and Redknapp debated the situation at Spurs.

“It’s always great to be top of the league in November, vital time of the season that,” Keane said.

“Alright, you’re on it today,” Redknapp replied.

From a lighthearted start to the debate, it became more heated as Redknapp and Keane disagreed about Spurs.

Redknapp pinned the blame for Tottenham’s troubles on their manager, while Keane hit back, saying it was the “soft” players who must take responsibility for the team’s disappointing results.

The former Man United captain said Spurs have been “soft” for “the last 40 years.”

Redknapp took issue with this and cited examples of Spurs teams who were successful – such as Harry Redknapp’s side which reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League in 2011 and Mauricio Pochettino’s team that reached the 2019 Champions League final.

Keane shot down any suggestion that either achievement represented success.

Roy Keane: Spurs are soft.

“There is a softness in this Spurs team,” Keane said.

“Yeah Jamie, they got to the Champions League final the year before (Jose Mourinho arrived) but they were lucky to get to that final.

“Also, getting to the final is like being top of the league in November. They got to the final but they got beaten in the final.

“What are we sitting here talking about Mourinho for? If you’re trying to get to a final, the whole point about it is winning the bloody thing.

“And when Mourinho leaves, there will still be softness to this Spurs team. That’s down to the players.”

roy keane jamie redknapp

Redknapp: Spurs have had some great teams in recent years.

“So they’ve been soft for the last however many years? No, I’m not having it,” former Spurs midfielder Redknapp responded.

“So when they got to the quarter-final of the Champions League with Bale and Modric? That was a good team. You can’t say they were always soft, Roy. They’ve had some great teams over the past few years.

“They’re not as good as United, they’re not as good as City but they haven’t spent the money those teams have.

“If a quarter-final is success, then you can have your success,” Keane said.

“Back when they played West Ham they were 3-0 up (and drew 3-3),” Keane continued.

“Do you think that’s down to the manager? Get the job done.

“You’ve got experienced international players there. You’re telling me they can’t manage that? Leopards don’t change their spots, there’s a softness at Spurs and it will be there for the next 40 years at this club.”

Jamie Redknapp: Mourinho has thrown his players under the bus.

Redknapp wouldn’t budge from his position that Mourinho was ultimately responsible for Tottenham’s poor results.

“When I look at Jose right now, he is just reverting to type when things are going wrong,” the former Liverpool captain said.

“You can’t deny his record, he’s one of the greatest managers we’ve ever seen in football when he’s winning. But when it goes the other way, that’s when you learn a lot about a manager.

roy keane jamie redknapp

“It’s just typical of what Jose Mourinho does. As soon as things go wrong he throws players under the bus and if I was in that dressing room I would be asking him why.

“You’re ‘The Special One’. Why can’t you make us better? Why do we keep conceding goals with 20 minutes or ten minutes to go in games? That’s what you’re so good at, setting the team up to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Roy Keane and Jamie Redknapp debates.

Keane and Redknapp clashed on Sky Sports about Spurs in February.

According to Micah Richards, Keane was particularly irritated on that afternoon because had arrived late to the studio.

“He was driving down to London, but he was late,” Richards said on the MOTD podcast, as transcribed by The Daily Mail.

“He normally gets there an hour or an hour and a half before, but he was stuck in traffic and he got there 20 minutes before going on air and you could see his hair was all ruffled, along with his suit.

“Jamie just got his anger because he was an hour later than he was supposed to be and he got the wrath!”

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