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Sporting Shutdown Reportedly Causes Confusion Over Ireland Managerial Succession Plan

ireland manager

The Republic of Ireland football team are facing a conundrum when normality resumes following the shutdown due to the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). And it relates to the managerial succession plan drawn up by the previous regime at the FAI.

On August 1, 2020, Stephen Kenny is due to take over from Mick McCarthy as the Republic of Ireland manager. McCarthy was set to be the Ireland manager until the conclusion of the Euro 2020 campaign.

ireland manager

However, with the Euros set to be delayed by until June 2021 – a decision that is expected to be made on Tuesday by Uefa – it complicates matters for Ireland’s peculiar managerial plan.

According to a report in The Irish Daily Star, Kenny and McCarthy both believe they should be in charge at the European Championships if they are delayed until 2021.

ireland manager

Kenny, the current Ireland Under-21 manager, will, according to the report, insist that the terms of his contract are honoured and he takes charge of the senior team on August 1.

However, McCarthy is understood to believe that “football logic” dictates that he, and not Kenny, should be Ireland manager until the Euros campaign comes to a conclusion.

McCarthy’s contract expires on July 31. But he is believed to be very keen on remaining in the post until after the Euros campaign ends, even if it means extending his agreement with the FAI.

Yet, the report details that Kenny is “adamant” he will be in charge of the Ireland team at the rescheduled Euros if the side qualifies, as his contract states that, on August 1, 2020, he will succeed McCarthy as Ireland manager.

ireland manager

McCarthy, however, feels that the terms of his deal are “not open to dispute” as he was contracted until the end of the Euros campaign. However, it must be stated that neither man has made their feelings known publically on the matter.

At the moment, sport across the globe is facing some uncertain months and no-one knows where things will stand once normality resumes.

Ireland’s Euro 2020 play-off against Slovakia, due to be played on March 26, has yet to be officially postponed, but it is expected to be called off later this week. Uefa are meeting on Tuesday to discuss the immediate future of football competitions in Europe.

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