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Dwight Yorke Tells Roy Keane To ‘Tone Down’ Criticism of Man United Players

Dwight Yorke has said that Roy Keane needs to ‘tone down” his criticism of Manchester United players while on punditry duty.

Keane has made many headlines thanks to his direct style of punditry for Sky Sports.

The former Manchester United captain was heavily critical of David de Gea following United’s 1-1 draw with Tottenham Hotspur earlier this month. Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw also felt Keane’s wrath for their displays in the game.

However, according to Yorke, his former teammate, the Irishman oversteps the mark with his comments.

roy keane dwight yorke

“I know what he’s like,” Yorke told The Daily Mail.

“He says what he likes to say. Some people buy into it, some don’t.

“We all make mistakes. He wasn’t perfect when he played. He made mistakes along the way.”

dwight yorke roy keane

Yorke said that his former teammate must soften his criticism of players when on punditry. Keane was also Yorke’s manager at Sunderland between 2006 and 2008.

The former Aston Villa striker said that Keane’s abrasive approach was considered “quite offensive” by some players when the Irishman was a manager.

“He has to tone that back a little bit,” Yorke said.

“Maybe one of the downfalls which I recognised from his management career is that the way he delivered his approach to players could be quite offensive.

roy keane dwight yorke

Yorke said that managers in the past could deliver ‘rollickings’ to players, but the culture has changed and footballers no longer respond to such an approach.

“Brian Clough, Ron Atkinson, maybe even Sir Alex Ferguson sometimes, they gave those kind of rollickings,” he said.

“Players of yesterday could easily dust those kind of comments off. Things have changed.

“It’s the way you go about it which is important and that’s one of Keane’s problems – he doesn’t know how to deliver it.”

roy keane dwight yorke

In his second autobiography, Keane said that Yorke was ‘probably’ his best signing for Sunderland. However, it appears that their relationship soured towards the end of the Irishman’s time at the Stadium of Light.

Yorke said back in May that he maintains ‘a lot of respect’ for his former teammate, but that he was his ‘own worst enemy’ as a manager.

“I think Keano is his own worst enemy,” Yorke told Man United’s official website.

“After the years I’ve spent with him, some of the things he has done, I’m sure he will regret.

roy keane dwight yorke

“Keano will live by the sword and die by the sword, but I’m sure there are things that when he reflects he could have done better as manager.

“I think when you’re a manager you have to get people on your side and on the same page, even if they’re not on the same level that you thought, because you have to manage those people. I think that’s where Keano has kind of let himself down.

“It was interesting because even when we played five-a-side there were players refusing to go on his side because of the demands he was wanting from them.”

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