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Brian Kerr Has Held Talks About Returning To The FAI

Brian Kerr is set to hold further discussions with the Football Association of Ireland following recent talks with the organisation’s new chairman, Roy Barrett.

Kerr has served as FAI technical director, youth team manager and manager of the senior team. But the Dubliner, despite his tremendous success as an underage coach in the 1990s, was frozen out by the previous regime.

He has not been involved with the FAI since departing as Republic of Ireland manager in October 2005.

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However, it appears the first steps have been taken towards bringing him in from the cold under the association’s new regime.

Kerr has explained that he met with the new chairman of the FAI and more talks have been planned.

“I’ve had a meeting with Roy Barrett, which was an invitation by him to meet him,” the Virgin Media Sport pundit said ahead of a panel discussion with Off the Ball on Monday.

“We had a discussion. I don’t want to go into details. I was happy about it.”

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Kerr out in the cold

The former Ireland manager also said that Barrett was the first FAI person in a position of authority to contact him for well over a decade.

“He was the first person in authority in nearly 15 years to ring me, other than Milo Corcoran — Lord rest him — ringing me to ask me would I go up for Renua in the 2016 General Election.

“So I was happy with that. We reviewed whatever my relationship was with the FAI across that time, so it was good. It came through Gerry McAnaney.

brian kerr

Plans for more talks

Kerr said he plans to speak again with Gary Owens, the new FAI CEO, and Niall Quinn, the new deputy CEO.

“I gave him my views on what they should do and where they should go. We said we’d have another chat.

“I’ve not spoken to Gary Owens or Niall in great detail. But I’m happy to have had a conversation.”

However, Kerr was keen to stress that he doesn’t have a specific job with the association in mind and that he is enjoying his current work as a football pundit.

He also joked that he may now at least get some complimentary Ireland tickets under the new regime.

brian kerr

“I’m not setting myself up for a job. I’ve had plenty of offers of jobs and I haven’t taken any of them. I’m happy with what I’m doing. I’m getting to games.

“I might end up getting a ticket for a match again! I’ve not had one for nearly 15 years. That would be a start.”

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