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Andy Cole details Man United tunnel fight with Teddy Sheringham

Andy Cole Teddy Sheringham

“I’m screaming all sorts and trying to throw punches, but everyone’s on me, pulling us apart.”

Andy Cole has detailed a dispute he had with former teammate Teddy Sheringham, and how Roy Keane got involved.

Cole and Sheringham played alongside each other for four years at Manchester United, helping the Red Devils win the Treble in 1999 and three league titles in a row between 1999 and 2001.

However, the pair were not friends, not by any means, as Cole has detailed.

Andy Cole on his relationship with Teddy Sheringham.

The former Newcastle United striker says that his ‘feud’ with Sheringham began before they were teammates at club level. Cole came on as a substitute for Sheringham in an England friendly at Wembley in 1995. It was Cole’s international debut, but Sheringham didn’t acknowledge him.

When Sheringham joined Man United from Tottenham Hotspur in 1997, the pair didn’t patch up their relationship and the situation came to a head a few months later.

“For months we haven’t said a word to each other,” Cole says about Sheringham in his new autobiography, which has been serialised by The Times.

“He isn’t my bag and everyone knows it, but we’ve got on with things. Now, though, Teddy is saying his bit. I tell you, it is about to go off.

Andy Cole Teddy Sheringham

Old Trafford incident.

Cole speaks about an incident with Sheringham at half-time of a match in 1998. The Man United team were walking down the tunnel and Sheringham blamed Cole for a goal the team had conceded.

“Teddy, several yards further up from me, turned around, looked me in the eyes and growled: ‘Their goal was your fault.’

“What? I scored the equaliser, and now he’s saying that! I run up the tunnel and just as he gets to the dressing room, I’m ready to steam in. I’m screaming all sorts and trying to throw punches, but everyone’s on me, pulling us apart.”

Cole says Roy Keane, the Man United captain, then got involved to try to break up the fight. However, Cole says Keane ended up going for Sheringham too. The pair had played together for Nottingham Forest and Keane, according to Cole, wasn’t too fond of Sheringham.

Roy Keane’s involvement.

“The next thing I know, Roy Keane has me up against the wall and he’s shouting in my face. ‘What the **** are you doing, Coley? Sort yourself out. We’re a team.’

“I’m not hearing him, but I calm down, and suddenly Roy is going for Teddy, ripping into him, and it’s our turn to try to pull them apart. “What’s all that about, Skip?” I ask a clearly incensed Keane. “You wanting to fight him reminded me of what a ***** he was to me at Nottingham Forest!”

Cole goes on to say that Alex Ferguson called him and Sheringham into his office and urged them to sort their differences. However, the pair continued to not speak to one another. Dwight Yorke acted as an intermediary between them

andy cole

Andy Cole & Teddy Sheringham.

“After our bust-up in the tunnel, Alex Ferguson called us into his office like naughty schoolboys and told us to sort things out: he couldn’t condone fighting in the team,” Cole writes.

“We nodded and said the right things to the gaffer, but we never sorted it out. It got so bad that when Dwight Yorke signed later in 1998, he would pass on messages from us. “Yorkey,”

“Teddy would say. “Ask Coley X, Y or Z.” Dwight would turn to me and ask me the question and I’d reply to him, and he would pass on the answer to Teddy.


Originally published on November 7, 2020.

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