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Roy Keane: “I Was Glad He Had Heart Attack”

The latest revelation from Roy Keane’s book, The Second Half, sees the former Manchester United captain admit he was ‘glad’ Clive Clarke had a heart attack in September 2007.

Clarke was playing for Leicester City in a League Cup tie in 2007 and suffered a near fatal heart attack close to half time. The seriousness of the incident meant that the game had to be abandoned.

Clarke was on loan from Sunderland and Keane’s Black Cats were enduring a tough time of it. In his new book, the then Sunderland manager admitted that he was ‘glad’ that Clarke had suffered the heart attack as it helped to deflect the headlines from the poor showing of Keane’s Sunderland side on the same night, where they were embarrassingly beaten 3-0 by Luton Town.

“I had the evil thought, ‘I’m glad he had it tonight’ because it would deflect from our woeful performance.”

Keane even joked that he was surprised the medical staff had even ‘found a heart’.

Richard Barrett, Pundit Arena.

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