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Barcelona Boss: Suarez Wasn’t Slim At Liverpool

Barcelona head coach Luis Enrique has denied Luis Suarez is overweight ahead of his return to action, saying it’s just the way the Uruguayan international is build, and that he doesn’t remember a slim Suarez in his Liverpool days.

Luis Suarez is currently serving a four-month ban for biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup, and concerns have been raised about the Uruguayan’s fitness ahead of his return.

The ban originally meant Suarez could not train with his Barcelona teammates, but an appeal allowed him to resume training and play in non-competitive matches.

Questions were asked about striker’s fitness, after it appeared that Suarez was carrying a few extra pounds during his recent outing for Barcelona’s B side. Suarez scored two goals.

However, Barcelona boss Luis Enrique was quick to defend Suarez’ weight.

“I didn’t see Luis Suarez as a slim player when he was playing with Liverpool. He is of that build with a potent physicality. He is fit enough to compete without any doubt.”

Enrique sarcastically told the media that there was an option to use extreme measures to help Suarez lose weight.

“If you really want us to, we could give him liposuction. We could do that, but it’s not needed.”

The former Liverpool striker¬†is expected to return in time for next month’s clasico with Real Madrid.

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