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ITV release more of Roy Keane’s greatest punditry moments and they’re absolute gold

Roy Keane punditry moments

Roy Keane at his very, very best as a pundit.

With news that Roy Keane will be a regular face on Sky Sports this season, it’s easy to relive some of his most iconic punditry moments from the TV studio, but we all know that Keane is box-office.

What’s even just as interesting though is how his fellow pundits and ex-professionals view the TV work of the Manchester United and Ireland legend.

Only recently, former England and Man City defender Micah Richards said: “Roy is an amazing guy — one of the nicest guys I have ever met,” while Jamie Carragher perfectly summarised why he loves working with the Corkonian.

Jamie Carragher on why he enjoyed working with Roy Keane on punditry for Sky Sports last season.

“He has very strong opinions, so we’re similar in some ways, very strong in what he believes. That’s what makes good punditry. You don’t want to be flip-flopping from one thing to the other, one week from the other. Yeah, it was really good working with him. And he terrifies Gary Neville, which makes him even better. So he goes right up to the top of my Christmas card list!”

Roy Keane punditry moments

After ITV recently released two highlight reels of Keane’e best moments in front of a TV camera, they’ve given us another and it features a few gems from Keane.

For example, when asked about Robert Lewandowski visiting Oktoberfest before Ireland face Poland, Keane says: “Hopefully he’ll be drinking like that the morning of the game, it might give us a chance,” while his line to Lee Dixon that “Arsenal players must drive you crazy” will definitely resonate.

However, when analysing Jerome Boateng’s red card in Germany’s World Cup win against Sweden, only Keane could get away with a line like: “He (Boateng) spoke about having 650 pairs of shoes, but he can’t be right upstairs in the head.”

Never change, Roy. Never change.

Roy Keane punditry moments

While the Irishman definitely has the ability to entertain audiences, Ian Wight’s recent comments on Off The Ball clearly show that Keane is passionate and serious about his punditry work.

“Well, the thing is, it’s not even a case of playing off each other, Roy says what he says. You either disagree with it or you agree with it. If you disagree, then you know you’re going into an area where you don’t know what’s coming next. What I love about it is, I’m never far away from bursting out laughing. And he’s not either. Of course, he’s a serious guy and he always says to me before we go on, ‘Wrighty, give me none of that banter bollocks, I’m here to talk serious football.’

“He never says anything on there for effect. He never says anything when he’s talking about football for effect. When he says something, I remember a little while back he said something about David De Gea and Harry Maguire, he meant that. I think the people get confused with him saying something like that, he meant that. When you know Roy Keane, you take that for what it is, because he probably would be swinging.”

Wright added: “I don’t have as much fun on the television. Obviously, Shearer and Lineker, magnificent. But when I’m on with Roy, I get butterflies in my stomach because you don’t know what’s coming.”

Long may that continue.

Take a look at the most recent highlights reel of Roy Keane’s best punditry moments here.

Clip via ITV Sport

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