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TV show dedicated to the legendary Paul McGrath is on tonight

Paul McGrath

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Fans of the iconic Irish defender will not want to miss this. McGrath is special.

There are a litany of reasons why the Irish public absolutely adores a man that’s still called God by the Aston Villa supporters- better known as Paul McGrath.

To begin with, the Dubliner is still regarded as one of – if not the – greatest player to ever wear a green jersey because his incredible ability to read the game was only surpassed by his skill on the ball and ability to make the art of defending look seamless.

Words like courage, inspirational, heroic, intelligent, consistent, and brave can be used to define Paul McGrath as a footballer.

Paul McGrath

As a person, McGrath’s highly-publicised battles with alcohol, combined with his inherent shyness, made the Irish public feel very protective of the former Manchester United and St Patrick’s Athletic defender.

This attitude was reflected in the unique bond that McGrath had with Jack Charlton, a relationship that was more than just the stereotypical one that defines the manager-player dynamic.

For a person that spent the majority of his formative years in foster care, Charlton was like a father figure to McGrath and someone that always treated him with compassion, empathy, and understanding.

In return, McGrath repaid Charlton’s loyalty tenfold because there isn’t an Irish football fan alive that doesn’t hold the Aston Villa icon in the highest regard. Even if his knees were injured and he couldn’t train, the centre-back still played through the pain for his country on a consistent basis.

Aside from McGrath’s sterling international career, it’s also worth noting that he’s one of the few Irishmen to ever win the PFA Players’ Player of the Year. He also received a place on the Football League First Division and PFA Team of the Year too.

Well, Lucy Kennedy is back on our screens tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One for all new Lodging with Lucy and Paul McGrath is her first guest.

The legendary Irish defender will be chatting about his childhood, those famous days in the green jersey, the impact that Jack Charton had on his life, and his beloved mother Betty – who has sadly passed away since filming concluded.

Speaking about his role in the first episode, McGrath said; โ€œI had a fantastic day recently recording an episode for Lucyโ€™s Guest House and getting the chance to catch up again and chat with Lucy โ€“ she is a diamond & great fun. It was strange to record the show in line with the new rules but we managed and Iโ€™m really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

“Very sadly, my mum Betty passed away since we recorded the show and I would like to dedicate this episode to the memory of my beautiful motherโ€.

Brand new Lodging with Lucy airs on Virgin Media One tonight, Monday 28th September at 9 pm.

Take a look at what’s in store.

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