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Roy Keane On Possible Return To Management & Niall Quinn’s Role In FAI

Roy Keane has outlined that he feels he deserves another crack at management but also explained that the job would have to be right for him to take it.

Keane’s last role in football was as assistant manager to Martin O’Neill at Nottingham Forest with the pair only lasting a few months at the City Ground.

Prior to that the duo had been in charge of Ireland however Keane has not had a head coach job since leaving Ipswich in 2011.

Roy Keane

The former Ireland and Manchester United captain appeared on The Late Late Show last night and was quizzed about whether he was interested in returning to management.

“I hope to have another crack and I think I deserve another crack,” he told host Ryan Tubridy.

Roy Keane

“I’m very lucky, I have a really good life now I can pick and choose what I want to do. It would have to be a good offer and the worry is it probably won’t be a good offer.

“My CV doesn’t warrant Real Madrid calling me. But I also don’t want to go down too low because the jobs I took weren’t exactly the easiest.

“Going to Sunderland wasn’t exactly an easy job or Ipswich, these were tough jobs. Ireland don’t qualify for tournaments that easily. You know, these are tough, tough jobs.

Roy Keane

“So I think the next offer I might get, I know it’ll be a tough job. So I’ll just have to weigh it up.

“I honestly don’t think you know until you’re asked . I’ll feel it and go with that gut feeling.

“But I’ve a feeling in my bones that something will come up in the next few months and then I’ll have a look at it.

Roy Keane

Keane was also asked about the current situation with the FAI and the Cork native was quick to give his backing to new interim deputy chief executive of the Association, Niall Quinn.

“It’s tough and maybe it probably had to get so bad where there had to be a new start.”

“I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom. I think things can change quickly. We know what sport is like. If Ireland qualified the feel good factor would be back.

Roy Keane

“I know Niall is back on board and I think that’s a good move. Niall will have a good go off it, give him a chance.

“If the team can qualify, you will see a huge change in momentum and hopefully things will turn.

“The Irish fans are obviously the best in the world, up there with great supporters. Things can change quickly.

“And having said that, when I worked with the FAI, from a coaching point of view I loved it, there were some brilliant people there. It was fantastic.”

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