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Ian Wright Tells Brilliant Story About Being Snubbed By Roy Keane

BBC’s Match of the Day named Irish midfielder Roy Keane as the Premier League’s greatest European export on their latest podcast.

Ian Wright, Alan Shearer and host Gary Lineker named their top ten of best European players to play in the Premier League with Keane topping the list in the end, despite Lineker’s objections.

Roy Keane Ian Wright

Both Wright and Shearer were full of praise for Keane’s brilliant leadership and attitude during his time at Manchester United as he helped them to seven Premier League titles.

During the discussions, Wright remembers an occasion, during the pair’s punditry work at the World Cup, where they were supposed to meet for lunch.

Wright’s anecdote highlighted the discipline and attitude which made Keane one of the game’s great leaders.

“For me he was the best captain in the Premier League,” the former Arsenal striker began.

Roy Keane Ian Wright

“What he ushered in with the Class of ’92, with the great players around him, the consistency of his performances without compromising exactly what he was about in respect of the way he sees the game and his principles an his morals.

“Honestly, I’ve got so much admiration for Roy Keane.

“I have to say, we were at the World Cup together [as pundits] and I was thinking, ‘oh my gosh, we’re really cool mates, it’s fine’.

Roy Keane Ian Wright

“And I remember there was this one time I asked Roy if he wanted to go to lunch, because we had breakfast then we’d go for lunch.

“He said, ‘okay, Wrighty. See you at 1:15.’

“I said, ‘no problem, I’ve just got to go and do some stuff’.

“So I had to go and do that, I got there at 1.17, I was waiting in the lobby, I phoned and said, ‘Roy, okay, I’m here’.

Roy Keane Ian Wright

“And he said, ‘Wrighty, 1.15 is 1.15, I’m not coming’.

“I laughed because I thought he was only messing about but he said, ‘Wrighty, I’m not coming’. And he hung up the phone.

“And I never saw him until the evening.

“And as soon as I saw him he done one of those cheeky smiles he’s got and he said, ‘this is why Man United was so successful, we done what had to be done on time, we done what we needed to do’.”

You can watch Wright speak about the incident below.

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Author: Oisin McQueirns

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