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Raheem Sterling On Joy-Stealing Media: “Why Are They Picking On Me?”

Raheem Sterling has penned an article in The Players Tribune discussing the tabloids much-scrutinised attitude towards him.

The Manchester City forward has been criticised by the English media over a number of incidents throughout his career.

Sterling outlines that he felt the scrutiny he received when he bought his mother a house was one of many unfair incidents.

You know … it’s sad that I even have to say this, but I’m going to say it anyway. There’s a perception in certain parts of the media that I love “bling.” I love diamonds. I love to show off. I really don’t understand where that comes from. Especially when I bought my mum a house, it was unbelievable what some people were writing. I think it’s really sad that people do that. They hate what they don’t even know.

A few years ago, I would let it get to me. I’d be saying to my mum, “Why are they picking on me?”

But now, as long as my mum and my sister and my kids don’t have any stress, I’m good.

If people want to write about my mum’s bathroom in her house, all I have to tell you is that 15 years ago, we were cleaning toilets in Stonebridge and getting breakfast out of the vending machine. If anybody deserves to be happy, it’s my mum. She came to this country with nothing and put herself through school cleaning bathrooms and changing bed sheets, and now she’s the director of a nursing home.

And her son plays for England.”

He went on to say that tabloids want to “steal” his “joy” but he urged readers not to listen to what is often written about him.

 If you grew up the same way I grew up, don’t listen to what certain tabloids want to tell you. They just want to steal your joy. They just want to pull you down.

I’m telling you right now …

England is still a place where a naughty boy who comes from nothing can live his dream.

You can read the full article from The Players Tribune here.

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