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Key Points From The FAI & Sport Ireland Governance Review Report


The FAI and Sport Ireland have released their highly anticipated governance review report which includes 78 recommendations to aid the running of football’s governing body in Ireland.

The report, which took eight weeks to finalise, comes as a result of a number of issues with corporate governance which arose over the past few months.

It contains 133 pages as well as a host of recommendations as the Association looks to move away from the controversies which have plagued them as of late.


Here are some of the key recommendations from the 78 which the FAI published on their website and can be found in full here.

 – The Board should consist of 12 members: four independent Directors of whom one would be the Chairperson of the Board, the President, Vice-President and six members representative of the football community.

– The positions of Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer should not be part of the revised structure and should cease to exist.

– There should be a minimum of 33.3% of both genders within 24 months.

– The Chief Executive Officer should not be a member of the board.

– The limit for all members of the Board should be eight years, 4×2 year terms.

– There should be a maximum term limit of 10 years for members of Council.

– All grant of funding arrangements above a defined threshold, e.g. €10,000, should be presented to the Board for review and approval.

– A Certificate of Compliance, signed by the Chief Executive and Finance Director, should be presented confirming that all governance, compliance and statutory conditions attaching to such external third-party grant or funding agreements have been fully complied with.

– The Board should urgently establish an Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee.

– The Association should immediately make arrangements for the establishment of an internal audit function.

– While there is a Code of Conduct for Board members and staff, it is recommended that a similar code be provided to committee members, council members and to contractors and agents working for and on behalf of the Association.

– An interim Board will be established for a period up to the AGM in July 2020, and for handover and transition purposes and to manage the serious risks where everyone leaves at once, at least one or possibly a maximum of two members might consider putting themselves forward for positions on the interim Board.

You can read the full 133-page report here.

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Author: Oisin McQueirns

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