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Jose Mourinho takes swipe at Arsene Wenger over recent book omission

A rivalry renewed.

Jose Mourinho has taken a dig at Arsene Wenger after the Frenchman neglected to mention his former foe in his new autobiography.

Wenger released his new book ‘My Life in Red and White’ this week and mentioned a wide variety of subjects from throughout his career like his rivalry with Alex Ferguson and managing Thierry Henry.

Conspicuous by his absence however is Mourinho whom Wenger also had quite a heated rivalry with throughout their respective careers in the Premier League.

“I didn’t want to make a book that sorts out some differences,” Wenger told The Mirror, of his decison to leave Mourinho out of the book.

“I wanted it to be a positive book. I had more acrimonious battles with Sir Alex than Jose Mourinho.”

Mourinho was quizzed on Wenger’s book on Friday as his Spurs side prepare to take on West Ham on Sunday.

Mourinho outlined that he believes Wenger did not mention him as the Frenchman “never beat” him during the course of their rivalry.

“Because he never beat me. You are not going to do a chapter about 14 matches that you never win!

“So why should he speak about me in a book? A book is to make you proud!”

Mourinho’s claim is slightly exaggerated with Wenger actually beating his counterpart twice and drawing on seven occasions however the Portuguese does dominate the rivalry with ten wins.

Wenger went into more detail on his fierce rivalry with Alex Ferguson outlining that in the heat of competition he used to “hate” the former Man United manager.

“The competition makes you hate the opponent. I think he certainly hated me and I hated him sometimes as well,” said Wenger, in quotes from his book, reported by The Sun.

“Whenever we competed it was always a fight — always very tight and nervous.

“And don’t forget we also had to deal with Fergie time.

“But when the competition is over what remains is a deep respect for guys like him, for what they have achieved and how long they stayed in the job and dedicated their lives to it.”

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Author: Oisin McQueirns

Oisin McQueirns is a digital journalist at Pundit Arena. Massive fan of Leeds United, Ric Flair and Trusting The Process. Contact him here