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John Giles Claims Roy Keane “Tore Neville To Bits” During Derby Debate

Former Irish international and current football pundit John Giles feels that Roy Keane “tore Gary Neville to bits” during their post-Manchester derby debate. 

The pair were in the Sky Sports studio following Manchester City’s convincing derby victory over Manchester United, which saw them edge a step closer to retaining their title.

Goals from Leroy Sane and Bernardo Silva helped Guardiola’s side to a 2-0 victory as they jumped back to the top of the table at Liverpool’s expense.

Following the game, the former United duo got into a debate over the quality of their former side, while Keane was quick to criticise Solskjaer’s men, Neville appeared more forgiving.

Speaking to Off The Ball on Thursday night, former Irish international John Giles outlined that he felt Keane’s analysis of the game was far superior to Neville’s

“Keane was great last night,” said Giles.

“I think what Roy Keane was saying last night would be absolutely clear to the way Roy Keane thinks about the game.

“Most players refer to themselves in a certain way, not very loudly, but what Roy Keane was alluding to was the things that he did when he was a player.

“One of the things that made Keane great was that he was never satisfied with himself and he was never satisfied with the people around him. That’s the way great players should behave and one of his great assets.

“When he was watching the match last night, he wasn’t seeing that, so it was totally against what he believed.

“I thought Keane was brilliant in his analysis and actually tore Neville to bits. What Neville was saying, it didn’t make sense to me.

“I think Keane and Souness — another great midfield player — would know exactly what it was like to be great and one of the goals they were talking about, one of the players didn’t get back.

“That, to Keane, when he played, would never happen.”

Giles was also quick to critique Paul Pogba, who was a surprise inclusion in the PFA Team of the Year outlining that he isn’t worried about being a “great player.”

PFA Team Of The Year

“I’d say Keane and Souness wouldn’t have Pogba at all.

“You’d have to ask why? Pogba is a social media star. He appeals to the young people now; he does his dances [and] he has his hair… That’s all he’s worried about, in my opinion, he’s not worried about being a great player…

“How can professional footballers who play every week pick Pogba ahead of somebody else?”

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