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“My Heart Sank, I Was Like ‘I’m Done At Manchester United Now'”

Jesse Lingard

Manchester United winger Jesse Lingard has outlined that he thought his career at the club was over after he posted a controversial video to his Snapchat story.

Lingard has always had a heavy presence on social media, something he has been criticised by some over in the past, and during the summer a post almost led to his Old Trafford exit.

The 27-year-old posted a video to his Snapchat story while on holidays with his friends which he quickly deleted, and speaking to The Daily Mail, Lingard outlined that he thought his mistake would result in the end of his Manchester United career.

‘It genuinely was a mistake to post it,’ said Lingard.

‘I have a lot of young followers and I would never put that out there deliberately. It was an accident. I was meaning to send it privately to one of my friends. I was on a plane waiting to take off. Someone from the club texted me and said: “Take the video down”.

‘When I realised what I had done, my heart just sank into my stomach. I was like, “I am done at United now. This is the final straw”.

‘I was told the manager was going mad but I was in the air for two hours and literally couldn’t do anything. When I got back I came in early to speak to the manager and apologise. He said I was on my last chance. He said I had to get my head down and that is what I have done. I am not stupid.

‘There is no way I was going to let what I have at this club be taken away. On the whole I have cut down on my social media stuff now. You do what you have to do.’

Lingard had been struggling for form earlier this season, losing his place for both club and country, however he has started in United’s last two wins over Tottenham and Manchester City.

The 27-year-old outlined that the turning point for him this season came following a chat with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer where he opened up on his private struggles, which included his mother’s illness and the responsibility of looking after his younger siblings.

“I am normally quite bubbly and want to put smiles on people’s faces but people have seen the change in my ways.

“I have been down and glum; just worrying. I felt like everybody just passed all the stuff to me and it weighed on my shoulders. It was like, “Here you go Jesse, you deal with this on your own”.

“My mum has had some things for years but never really got help. Now she is. So I have been taking care of my brother and sister. They are with me. It has been tough to see my loved ones struggling and then I have to come to work and try to do my job.”

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Author: Oisin McQueirns

Oisin McQueirns is a digital journalist at Pundit Arena. Massive fan of Leeds United, Ric Flair and Trusting The Process. Contact him here [email protected]