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The 10 Best & Worst #WengerOut Tweets From Arsenal’s Horror Week

There’s nothing like a crisis to bring people tweeting in their droves. Arsene Wenger finds himself the unfortunate recipient of a new #WengerOut campaign. These are the best/worst tweets. 


1.@indykaila, football transfer news extraordinaire appears to have inadvertently helped the #WengerOut campaign he was asked to tweet about by err….tweeting about it.

2. @ArRsenalll has a lot of respect for Arsene, he respects him as much as his dad which is high praise indeed. But Wenger could stand to triple, yes, TRIPLE that respect if he stands aside. Mr. Wenger the ball is in your court!

  3.  @arsenalmad79 has had his say. We actually think seeing positives at a funeral is a useful skill to have but we get the point.

4. Given his username it’s possible SpecialistInFailure may already have an anti-Wenger agenda. Regardless at least he’s given some solutions on what needs to be done.

5. @refmillerafc has taken a leaf from United’s book with this one. On a side note, surely the Airplane banner business is booming!


6. @aallam8, this is harsh.

  7. @NilNapier has left us guessing which side of the fence he’s on but we doff our cap based on sarcasm alone. 

8. It wouldn’t be a smear campaign without a death threat. Congratulations @OfficialPMarcel for taking it too far.

9. Actually, this is quite a good point. besides Henry who has really benefited from being played out of position under Wenger?

10. Finally, some light-hearted relief from who has decided to use the medium of rhyme to get his point across.

 Maurice Gleeson, Pundit Arena.

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