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10 Key Players Set For Big 2018/19 Premier League Seasons

The Premier League is for many fans the most interesting and competitive football competition in the world. They say it is a fascinating system that is able to mix tradition and modernity wisely and that is capable of moving huge amounts of money. This translates to attracting large investors and, consequently, having some of the best players in the world.

Even if there were no players bought at exaggerated prices (with some exceptions of course), players that land in England are often times seeing an exponential increase in their market value.

This is provided that their performance in the field is convincing and matches fan’s/coach’s expectations. So, let’s see who are the ten players to watch closely in the Premier League 2018/2019 Season.

1. Mohamed Salah

In the first place, we have Mohamed Salah, winner of the 2017-2018 Premier League Player of the Year Award. Thanks to his amazing season, he has almost doubled his market price. The Egyptian player has signed a new long-term contract with Liverpool on July, 2nd 2018. A fast and tactical player, with excellent technique and an eye for goal. Salah is known for his speed, dribbling skills, and ball control, as well as his ability to create numerous opportunities for himself and the team.


2. Harry Kane

This World Cup’s England captain and top performer will play a crucial role in Tottenham’s attack. Mauricio Pochettino, boss of the team, recently called him “one of the best strikers in the world”.

A lot of positive words have been said about this player. Former England midfielder now pundit at BBC Sport Danny Murphy even came to say that the England team should be built around Kane. Being only 24, his best years are yet to come.

3. David de Gea

David de Gea, the Spanish goalkeeper, was nominated as one of the best players of the last season’s Premier League. Manchester United team-mate Ander Herrera says de Gea is the best goalkeeper he has ever seen. This player is known in particular for his exceptional reflexes and agility that allow him to perform incredible dives and outstanding saves.


4. Kyle Walker

“We want to dominate English football”, these are Kyle Walker´s words which refer to his team, Manchester City, and the new season of the Premier League. His dedication, his determination and his desire to win are therefore very clear.

His transfer from Tottenham to Manchester City in 2017 has been one of the most expensive football transfer in the history of this sport, with an amount of £50 million. Surely we can expect from him to perform at his best this season and prove his transfer worth.


5. Nicolas Otamendi

Born in Buenos Aires, after playing in the teams of Porto and Valencia, he moved to Manchester United in 2015. He holds the record for the most successful passes made during a season of the Premier League: an amazing number of 2902 complete passes! The statistics definitely play in his favor. In general, Otamendi´s passing game should simply not be underestimated.

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6. Cesar Azpilicueta

Without a doubt, Azpilicueta is the best defender of Chelsea, an affirmation that has been repeated for three years now. He is simply a key player for the team. His infallibility is beyond doubt. Mourinho even said that a team with 11 Azpilicueta’s could probably win the competition.


7. Eden Hazard

The Belgian footballer plays for Chelsea. His creativity, speed, dribbling and ball control are widely recognized. He has won the favour of critics thanks to his style of play that led him to be confronted with huge players such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Coaches, commentators, and colleagues consider Hazard to be one of the best players in the world.

8. Kevin De Bruyne

Originally from Belgium too, De Bruyne is Manchester City’s key midfielder and he is considered as one of the best players in Europe. Moreover, in 2017, he even reached the fourth place among the best players in the world according to The Guardian. Unfortunately, recently, he suffered a serious knee injury during training, and De Bruyne could lose up to 3 months of this season.

9. David Silva

Another player considered as one of the best in Europe: the Spanish David Silva. He is called “El Mago” – Spanish for the wizard – or “Merlin” thanks to his excellent possession-retaining qualities. He will play until 2020 for the Manchester City and he is, right now, the player with the most appearances in the Premier League.


10. Alvaro Morata

The Spanish striker set himself as a goal to reach 30 goals in the new season of the Premier League, wanting to recover from all the criticism received for his mistakes in the past. Surely, the new season has begun positively for Morata; let’s see if it will go on like this. This will be decisive to ensure his continuity in the English club Chelsea.

Author: Maurice Gleeson

Irish exile currently residing in Barcelona but stay up to the date with the latest in League of Ireland and the Premier League.