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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Hits Back At Frank Lampard’s Comments On VAR


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has hit back at Frank Lampard ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final after the Chelsea boss suggested that Manchester United have been favoured by Video Assistant Referees (VAR).

Speaking to the media on Friday, Lampard mentioned their rivals directly when talking about the human element involved with VAR and how decisions seem to be favouring the big clubs.


“The confusing thing about some of the recent ones, and the one on Thursday night, is that it’s a very, very clear and obvious decision that was wrong and didn’t get reviewed and changed.

“A few of those have happened and that is strange. I would like to think that with VAR you have to be level headed. Some might go against you or not, but we seem to be in a period where, in terms of Manchester United, they’ve got a few in their favour. It would be nice if VAR worked in our favour in this one.”

Solskjaer has since hit back, claiming certain managers want to influence the narrative and put pressure on referees.


“I can sit here for hours now and try to talk about this. It looks like there’s a narrative, it looks like people want to influence whoever is making the decisions,” the Norwegian manager told reporters on Saturday.

“I hear people talking about luck, that we’ve been lucky more than unlucky. If you look at the factual decisions – I don’t want to sound like a certain manager talking about facts – but if you’re offside, you’re offside, that’s clear.”

Solskjaer spoke of decisions that have gone against the Manchester club describing how a late penalty against Tottenham Hotspur was overturned as well as rash tackles from Southampton’s Oriol Romeu and West Ham’s Mark Noble which should have resulted in red cards.


The United boss feels he is the one who should be complaining about the level of officiating.

“So it’s actually me that should be complaining that we get decisions against us on the pitch by the on-pitch referee,” Solskjaer added.

“There’s a narrative there but we have to focus on our games, we let other people talk about that. I don’t want to go too much into it because I might be in trouble.

“I’m pretty relaxed on these and referees are going to be making objective decisions and are not going to be influenced by any emotion in any way.”

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