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Chris Sutton claims Manchester City are not an elite club

Are Manchester City an elite club?

The club has won four Premier League titles in the last decade. As well as that they boast two FA Cup wins and a hat-trick of League Cup successes. Surely that constitutes Manchester City as elite?

However the club has struggled on the European stage. The closest they’ve come to winning the Champions League was in 2016 when they reached the semi-finals.

The club are clearly desperate to make their mark in European football. Pep Guardiola no doubt has earmarked the competition as one he wants to win with Man City.

Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa and Celtic are the only British clubs to have won European football’s biggest prize.

Manchester City elite

Chris Sutton believes these clubs can claim to be at an elite level when it comes to European football. Until Manchester City win the big one, he feels they have no right to make such claims.

“I don’t want to put (Manchester) City down in any way shape or form,” Sutton said on BBC 5 Live.

“They have a brilliant manager, they have outstanding players. They’ve played some of the greatest football the Premier League has ever seen.

“But the truth of it is they can never be regarded as an elite club in Europe and worldwide until they actually win the Champions League and that’s a fact.

“You can’t put them in Manchester United’s category, Liverpool’s category, Chelsea’s category, Celtic’s category. They can’t be regarded as a European great.

“It doesn’t matter about how much money the owners have.”

Sutton added:

“It doesn’t matter how much the owners are worth. They haven’t won the Champions League. That’s it. Full stop.

“We can say they’re a great club but they are not an elite club in Europen terms.”

Do you think Manchester City can claim to be an elite team in terms of European football?


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