Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder blasts ‘stupid’ and ‘uneducated’ punditry after Roy Keane comments

“You have pundits who haven’t got a scooby doo about the football club.”

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder has hit back at “stupid, silly, and uneducated analysis” of his team following Roy Keane’s criticism of the Blades.

After having initially impressed following their promotion to the Premier League in 2019, the Blades have suffered a dramatic loss in form, currently languishing at the foot of the table with 11 points from 26 games.

Speaking on Sky Sports on Sunday, following United’s loss to Liverpool at Bramall Lane, Keane said Wilder had to be prepared to come in for ‘some sort of stick’ after losing all but five of Sheffield United’s league games this season.

Roy Keane on Sheffield United.

Keane said: “Last year I listened to a lot of Chris Wilder, I have huge respect for Chris Wilder, I think he’s done a brilliant job, but he got the plaudits last year. But this year if you lose 21 matches in 26 games you are going to have to be criticised.

“And we can sit here and say they have a great bunch of lads. I’m sure they have, well they have I know some of them, I’ve worked with them, some of the best lads you’ll meet, but you need more than that in the Premier League.

“Last year, I listened to a lot of Chris’ interviews after the games. ‘We have earned the right to be in this league, we’ve earned the right. We are going to enjoy it, we are going to go for it.’ Whereas this year I’m listening to a lot of his interviews and he’s going,’ well we’re up against it, we’re up against big squads.’

“He mentioned Newcastle there, but last year you earned the right. Don’t think that for one minute you’re not good enough to deal with this kind of demand. They have not been good enough.

“Chris Wilder, has he become a bad coach overnight? Absolutely not. He’s done an amazing job over the last two or three years, brilliant coach but the recruitment this summer hasn’t been good enough and the players that have come into the club haven’t improved the team.

“If you lose 21 games out of 26, you are going to have to take some sort of stick.”

Wilder hits back at ‘stupid’ analysis.

Speaking on Tuesday, ahead of his side’s home game with Aston Villa on Wednesday, Wilder hit out at pundits who don’t have a ‘scooby doo’ about Sheffield United.

“You come under scrutiny and criticism,” said Wilder.

“You have pundits who haven’t got a scooby doo about the football club that make stupid, silly, and uneducated analysis of where you are as a football club.

“But you have to deal with it. As I said, we’ve all had the praise, so we have to take the negativity that comes with the results and the responsibility that you have to take when you don’t win.”

Sheffield United are currently 15 points adrift of safety with their three victories this season having come against West Brom, Manchester United and Newcastle United.

You can watch Wilder’s pre-match press conference below. He talks about pundits from the 4:15 mark. 

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