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Uefa welcome Irish High Court decision to clamp down on illegal streaming

Champions League streams

Uefa say they have received a ‘boost’ in their ongoing fight against audio-visual piracy. 

Uefa have described the Irish High Court’s decision to block illegal streaming of the European football governing body’s matches by Irish-based internet service providers as a ‘boost’ in their fight against piracy.

The court order requires a series of internet service providers (ISPs) in Ireland to block access to IP addresses of servers which are being used to illegally stream matches under Uefa’s banner.

As a result, the Euros, Nations League, Champions League and Europa League are all now protected by this order.

Uefa was previously granted an injunction by the UK High Court to prevent illegal streams of their matches for the 2020/21 season.

“We are pleased with the decision taken by the Irish High Court,” said UEFA’s chief counsel, commercial and technology legal services, Seong Sin Han.

“This new measure builds upon the similar blocking order we have had in place in the United Kingdom for several years now.

“Both orders are effective and welcome tools in UEFA’s ongoing fight against audiovisual piracy because they place the ability to stop illegal streams firmly in the hands of the rights holder.

“The protection of our intellectual property from internet piracy is a top priority for our organisation and UEFA is actively cooperating and developing relationships with major digital platforms to disrupt the piracy ecosystem and protect our broadcast partners.”

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