Wayne Rooney reveals amusing method used to distract himself before 2008 final

Players from Bayern Munich and PSG are currently building up to one of the biggest games of their careers – the Champions League final.

It’s no doubt a nerve-wracking time for both teams, especially PSG who are featuring in their first-ever Champions League final. One man who is well acquainted with that pressure is Wayne Rooney.

The former Manchester United star featured in three Champions League finals, winning the competition in 2008. His side lost out to Barcelona in the decider on two occasions, in 2009 and 2011.

Rooney revealed in his Sunday Times column that he preferred to stay away from all media in the build-up to those massive games. Instead, he opted for a more relaxed method to occupy himself.

“I made the decision to switch off from television, newspapers and anything online about the [2008 Champions League final].

“The kick-off in Moscow was 10.45pm local time and we had lunch at 12.30pm, leaving us with almost eight hours to kill before leaving for the stadium.

“Do you sleep for an hour, two hours, three hours — or not sleep at all? I ended up just watching box sets of TV series and even watched a whole movie.

“Sister Act! That’s how I prepared for the biggest game of my career. Watching Sister Act alone in a Russian hotel room.”

“That was all about staying occupied”

Ahead of their other Champions League finals, the United squad went on group outings based on where the decider was taking place.

“In Rome in 2009, two days before the first of United’s finals against Barcelona, we went to the Vatican and almost had the whole tour. I thought that was a bit strange”, Rooney continued.

“Before the 2011 final with Barcelona at Wembley, the whole team went out to see Jersey Boys at a theatre in London. Frankie Valli was there. Good show — I’ve seen it a few times. The lads enjoyed it.

“Again, that was all about staying occupied and trying to keep minds clear.”

Kick-off in Lisbon on Sunday night is 8pm.

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Author: Marisa Kennedy

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