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Messi demands the maximum from everyone and many find it “stressful” — former Barcelona assistant

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a perfectionist and he expects no less from his colleagues

Former Celta Vigo boss and Barcelona assistant sat down with Marca to discuss some stories from his career.

The 53-year-old Spaniard revealed some interesting details from his time as Barcelona’s Assistant coach. Unzue explained that several of Messi’s teammates were unable to cope with the “stress” of his ambition given the lofty standards the diminutive Argentine placed on himself and those around him.


Unzue served as the assistant to then Barca coach Luis Enrique for three seasons from 2014-2017 and ended up winning the treble in his first year at the Catalan club.

With first-hand experience of Messi’s brilliance and having witnessed his development into one of the greatest players of all time, Unzue has no doubt that it is Messi’s ambition that has kept him going so far.

“What has kept Messi going has been (his) ambition, and that brings moments of stress with it,” he said.


However, the consequences of having to share the field with a G.O.A.T candidate is that his ambitions require maximum effort from the people around — and not everybody could cope.

“He demands that he continues to be the best and as a consequence, he always wants the maximum from those around him.”

“It doesn’t matter if this is teammates, the coach, the physio or what, it produces great stress on some colleagues who aren’t able to shoulder it.”

Unzue’s comments will come as no surprise to most football fans. After all, you don’t end up scoring 700+ career goals and collect 34 trophies without pushing yourself and your teammates to better themselves on a daily basis.

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