Joe Brolly claims James McClean’s abuse comes with being a ‘Derry Republican’

Joe Brolly

“It’s part of it, he’s Derry Republican.”

GAA legend Joe Brolly has claimed that the abuse that Stoke City winger James McClean suffered on social media is a “part of” being a “Derry Republican”.

Last month, McClean spoke up on the abuse that he had received against himself and his family on social media.

As such, Brolly claims that McClean has to learn to filter out the abuse he receives online or to “get off social media” altogether.

James McClean.

In February, McClean spoke with Off The Ball and revealed the abuse that he has received online for many years.

“How do you tell your kids that your daddy is hated so much? It’s not a nice conversation to have but I’m just going to try and be as honest as I can,” the 31-year-old explained.

“I’m looking at this (the abusive post) and it’s actually sent by a kid and you’re thinking, wow. I’m thinking back to me at that age, that hate shouldn’t be in you.

“Where is he learning that? It’s just social media and society nowadays, it’s a dangerous place.”

Joe Brolly on McClean.

In light of this, fellow Derry native Brolly appeared on Off The Ball on Saturday and claimed that the Republic of Ireland winger’s abuse comes with being a “Derry Republican”.

“It’s part of it, he’s Derry Republican. And he has made no bones about that,” the 51-year-old said.

“Anybody that grew up in James’s era around Derry was very likely to have anti-establishment tendencies.

“Don’t forget that the cradle of the civil rights movement was Gerrymandering in places like Derry City, depriving many people in poor Catholic areas of their vote.

“Things that young people nowadays would be stunned to learn about.”

Joe Brolly advises James McClean.

Brolly also felt that the former Sunderland man didn’t deserve the hate that he was receiving and offered him some advice.

“He has decided to wear his colours on his sleeve and therefore that is the decision that he has made,” Brolly continued.

“When you step out in the way that he has or if you say anything nowadays there is going to be a backlash and obviously he doesn’t deserve this level of abuse he is getting.

“But once you are a high profile person you just learn to filter it out.

“Filter it out or else stop doing it, get off social media, stop doing appearances, don’t be involved in that.

“Once you see it for what it is then you can handle it easy enough. He’s a big boy.”

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