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Jamie Carragher advises Liverpool to learn from Alex Ferguson ahead of Man United game

Jamie Carragher

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Carragher has some advice for his former side.

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher feels that Jurgen Klopp’s team can elevate their reputation if they can secure the Premier League in a different manner this year.

Manchester United face off against Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday in a top of the table clash.


Carragher spoke ahead of the highly-anticipated game and said that Klopp should view the game as “an opportunity as much as a threat”.

Liverpool had led the table for much of the current season before Man United leapfrogged them with their win over Burnley last week.

The Reds have struggled with injuries, inconsistency and fixture congestion as they attempt to defend their league crown this season.

Jurgen Klopp

In light of this, Carragher believes that Klopp’s side face a much harder test this campaign compared to the last and claims that Liverpool have a chance to cement their legacy by winning the title in a hard-fought fashion.

“From Liverpool’s perspective, the challenge from United should be seen as an opportunity as much as a threat,” he explained in his Telegraph article.

“For the past three years, the Premier League has been won by swashbucklers. This year, it will be won by grinders.

Jurgen Klopp

“We know Liverpool can win the title with a swagger. If they eke out a title, it will raise their status even higher.

Carragher also felt that his former side could take inspiration from teams built by legendary United manager Alex Ferguson.

“Liverpool are at a point in their development under Klopp where there is much to be learned and admired from the manner in which Sir Alex Ferguson turned the end of a three-decade wait for a title into an extended period of title success,” he added.

Alex Ferguson

“When the honours board is read and supporters see Ferguson’s 13 league titles, few remember how gruelling many of those campaigns were.”

Carragher also felt that despite their recent setbacks, Liverpool remain in a favourable position to defend their title and that they were still the team to beat.

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