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Graeme Souness claims Man United fan protests will not have ‘one iota’ of impact on Glazers

Graeme Souness Man United protest

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has offered his take on the Manchester United fans protesting against the Glazers on Sunday.

Souness claimed that the protests carried out by the Man United supporters will not have “one iota” of impact on the American owners.

Souness also claimed that the anger of the club’s supporters is “misdirected” towards the Glazers and believes that the team’s lack of success since Alex Ferguson’s retirement is what “irritates” the fans.

Man United protest

Souness on Man United protest.

Souness, speaking on Sky Sports, was asked if the protests will have any kind of impact on the Glazers.

“No, I don’t think it will (have a response),” Souness replied

“The Glazers since Fergie retired have given successive managers over a billion pounds to spend, I think it’s £719m net spend over the years.

“I think it (the protests) is born of Man United not being top dogs (anymore) which is what happened last week. I think that’s another excuse to have a go at them (Glazers).

Man United protests

“These are serious, serious business people and I don’t think this will impact on their thoughts one iota. I really don’t.

“We live in a country where you can demonstrate, you can vent your feelings, you’re allowed to do it. But I still don’t see it impacting on the Glazers one little bit.

“If they (Man United fans) think that they can bring pressure on serious business people who live 3000 miles away across the Atlantic (and that) that would drive them to accept a discounted offer for Man United, that will not happen!

“They’re not ripping the life and soul out of Man United, they’re paying themselves a dividend.

Man United protests

“They’ve risked something to buy Man United, since then, they’ve given successive managers fortunes to spend.

“It was only when Fergie stopped that the success stopped. And I think that irritates the supporters and they (the Glazers) have become the focus of their anger.

“And I think it’s slightly misdirected. From what happened last week by trying to form the Super League, that certainly compounds their aggression.

“But I would not be sticking the blame of Man United’s lack of success on the Glazers.”

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