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Gary Neville says Man United fan protests is a ‘consequence’ of Glazers ESL involvement

Gary Neville

Manchester United were scheduled to play against rivals Liverpool on Sunday afternoon but the game has taken a back seat to the tumultuous events that have unfolded at Old Trafford.

A few hours before kickoff, several thousand Man United supporters congregated outside the club stadium to protest against the Glazer family. Later, some of the protesters made their way onto the pitch to continue their demonstration. Gary Neville has now claimed that the protests are a “consequence” of the Glazers sanctioning the move for the club to join the now collapsed European Super League.

Man United protest

The Glazers.

Man United supporters have enjoyed an uncomfortable relationship with the Glazer family ever since they took over the club in 2005.

The American owners have been accused of using the club as a cash cow while failing to acknowledge and respect the views of the supporters.

In addition, the Glazers also angered much of the club’s fanbase when United announced their intentions to join the European Super League two weeks ago.

Man United have paid out several hundred million euros in bank fees and dividends to the Glazer family over the last 16 years, something which has also long irked the supporters of the club.

man united protest

Gary Neville on Man United protest.

Neville, speaking on Sky Sports, believes that the current protest is linked with the Glazers’ decision to participate in the Super League a few weeks ago.

“This is a consequence of the Manchester United owners’ actions two weeks ago. There is a general distrust and dislike of the owners, but they weren’t protesting two or three weeks ago,” Neville said.

“If you think about the club they picked up in 2004, it had the best stadium in the country, one of the best in Europe, it had the best training ground in this country, and probably one of the best in Europe.

“It had a team that was consistently getting to Champions League quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals regularly and winning the league every season or every other season.

“If you look at the club now, this stadium I know it looks great here but if you go behind the scenes it is rusting and rotten. If you look at the training ground it’s probably not even the top five in this country, they haven’t got to a Champions League semi-final for 10 years.

“We haven’t won a league here at Manchester United for 8 years. The land around the ground is undeveloped, dormant and derelict while every other club seems to be developing the facilities and the fan experience.

“We cannot forget what they did two weeks ago, which was really dangerous for English football. They tried to walk away and create a closed shop league that would’ve created a famine in this country for every other football club.

“All football fans should unite today behind what Manchester United fans have done today because what happened two weeks ago was really dangerous for English football.”

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