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Alex Ferguson’s surprising response to Ryan Giggs when he snapped at him during an argument

Sir Alex Ferguson

Former Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs revealed what manager Sir Alex Ferguson said to him during a heated exchange

Sir Alex Ferguson is widely regarded as the greatest manager to lead the Red Devils and by others as the best manager of all time. The Scotsman managed the club for 25 years during which time, he amassed an astonishing 38 trophies.

Sir Alex Ferguson

His aura, achievements and presence meant that he commanded respect from his players and peers alike. But this didn’t mean that things didn’t get heated in the dressing room from time to time.

Ryan Giggs played for Fergie for over 23 years, and two United legends respected each other massively. But on a handful of occasions, the former midfielder hit back at Ferguson while he was administering his fabled hairdryer treatment.

Giggs recalled a particularly unpleasant incident on beIN SPORTS’s The Champions Club.

“There was definitely fear, especially early on,” he revealed.

Ryan Giggs

“He mellowed a little bit as he got older, but not a lot.

“You just didn’t want to cross him at 18, 19, 20 because you never knew what sort of mood he was in. So there was definitely that fear, but ultimately there was always that respect.

“I fell out with him plenty of times. I mean the amount of times I would say over my career, six or seven times where it was a couple of weeks wages I was fined for talking back, for having an argument.

Sir Alex Ferguson

“At the time it’s not very nice, you’re in the dressing room, you’ve just got beat, or you’ve had a bad performance. And I just couldn’t help myself have a go back.”

Most people would expect Sir Alex to be livid at having one of his players snapping back at him during an argument, but this wasn’t the case. In fact, Ferguson enjoyed seeing a bit of fight from his lads.

“He actually, later in his career, he told me he liked that, it meant that you cared,” the Welshman added.

“The good thing is, the next day it was finished. He would fine you two weeks wages, a week’s wages. The next day he’d get you in, and it was over with, let’s move on.”

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