Roy Keane on the trait he has passed down to his son

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Roy Keane shares characteristic with son.

Roy Keane has opened up on the character trait that he thinks he has passed down to his son Aidan.

2021 has seen the Corkman reveal numerous aspects of his family life after his much-heralded arrival onto Instagram in February.

Roy Keane reveals family trait.

Since then, Keane has shared pictures of some of his children and grandchildren with his 1.8 million followers, and in a recent interview with the Sunday Times, the former Manchester United captain revealed that Aidan shares some of the temper so often seen in his father on the pitch.

In the interview with David Walsh, published last weekend, the 50-year-old is asked about the anger that drove him on during his football career and later provided some of his most memorable moments as a pundit.

In response, Keane offers the opinion that it is a family trait, one which was passed down to him by his father Maurice, and which he himself later passed down to his son.

“My son has a short temper.”

“It’s an emotion,” Keane replies. “If somebody comes and punches you in the face, you’re going to get angry.

“I’m not going to say ‘I am what I am,’ so that means you’re never going to change, you’re never going to learn.

“Of course I am but we all have things in our DNA. My dad was a good man but he had a short temper. My son has a short temper, nicest kid you’d ever meet, I love him, I’m unbelievably proud of him, but he’s got a short temper.

“You can’t pick and choose. I want more of that emotion, less of this one.”

While Keane has been known to boil over both on and off the pitch, many Sky Sports viewers find humour in his in-studio assessments, particularly when it comes to his former club.

One example recently saw him claim that he had “given up” on the current Man United players after a dismal first-half display against Manchester City earlier this month.

Later on the same afternoon, Keane was involved in an altercation with a Red Devils supporter outside Old Trafford and he gave his side the story in the same interview with the Sunday Times.

Keane explains fan altercation.

“Can I tell you the truth about what happened? I done the game,” Keane explains.

“An hour afterwards, I’m ready to leave. Forgot to put on my Covid mask and cap. So, I’m signing autographs, usual stuff, no manners. This guy stops me. He’s got two jerseys. Dealers, they know when you’ll be coming out after the TV. They spot you a mile away, they’re waiting.

“Who goes to watch United against City with two replica Keane 16 shirts in a plastic bag? I’m signing these jerseys for the guy and I’m saying ‘I don’t want to be here all day,’ and this other guy is pissed so he calls me a pr*ck.“He doesn’t see that I’m just having fun with the dealer. I wasn’t going to stand there under the tunnel in Old Trafford and explain ‘Do you know what, you got the wrong end of the stick’. I just said ‘Look, you’ve had a few drinks,’ and that was me being unbelievably mature, which is unlike me.”

You can read the full Sunday Times interview with Keane, via a subscription, here.

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