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Richard Keys urges Marcus Rashford to stop helping hungry children


Richard Keys issues advice to Marcus Rashford.

Richard Keys has called on Marcus Rashford to curtail his charitable activities and concentrate on improving his scoring record.

In the latest edition of his blog, the former Sky Sports presenter praises the Manchester United forward for his efforts to curb child hunger but has now called on him to “leave it there.”

Richard Keys: Footballers are forgetting about the day job.

While making the point that footballers should concentrate on the “day job,” Keys calls out Wolverhampton Wanderers and England defender Conor Coady, who earlier this week stated that the Three Lions squad will use their platform to highlight human rights abuses in Qatar ahead of next year’s World Cup.

“Will you use your platform to highlight abuses in Saudi when Newcastle come calling in January – offering to fatten up your bank account?” Keys asks of Coady, before turning his attentions to Rashford.

“This is where it gets complicated when pop stars/footballers and the like start to want to get taken seriously – and they forget about the day job,” the current BeIN Sports anchor writes.

“Leave it there, Marcus.”

“Marcus Rashford is also a good example of that. What he did to tackle child hunger was wonderful. But leave it there, Marcus. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was right – get back to you doing what you’re paid for. There’s a need for massive improvement there.

“Rashford has made 183 appearances for United and scored 57 goals – one every 3.21 games. Making 46 appearances for England he’s scored 12 goals – one every 3.83 games. For a striker – is that enough?”


Solskjaer clarifies Marcus Rashford comments.

Last month, Manchester United boss Solskjaer suggested that Rashford should “prioritise his football and focus on football” before later criticising journalists for making headlines out of his comments.

“Just to get the elephant out of the room straight away with the headlines that came out from the chat I had before the last game. We’re so unbelievably proud of what Marcus has done off the pitch,” the Norwegian said.

“You (journalists) know what was said and you made headlines out of one little comment that I never intended to be the focus of.”

Solskjaer certainly isn’t the only person connected to the Red Devils to be proud of what Rashford has achieved both on and off the pitch and it’s unlikely that the forward will be taking advice from Keys any time soon.

You can read what Keys had to say in full here.

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