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NFL star on why Man United v Liverpool is better than the Super Bowl

Ryan Griffin on Manchester United v Liverpool.

NFL star Ryan Griffin has explained why he thinks that a Man United v Liverpool game is a better occasion than the Super Bowl.

The rivalry between Man United and Liverpool is widely-seen as the fiercest in English football, with the on-pitch enmity very much reflected in the stands.

Ryan Griffin: “The best sporting event I’ve been to.”

On one occasion, Griffin was there to witness this atmosphere for himself, as the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback enjoyed the perks of playing for the franchise that’s owned by the Glazer family, who are also majority shareholders of Man United.

Based on this experience, Griffin explained to talkSPORT why he feels a clash between the two Premier League giants is the best sporting event of all, in an appearance on talkSPORT ahead Sunday’s Super Bowl showdown between the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

“The best sporting event I’ve ever been to,” the 32-year-old said of Man United v Liverpool.

Man United v Liverpool rivalry.

“I’ve been to the Super Bowl, played in it and been to it as a fan, NBA Finals, the World Series. I went to a Manchester United/Liverpool game, compliments of the Bucs, because… Manchester United.

“I’m sitting in the same row as David Beckham and I had chills the whole game because the fans had all those cheers for players, former coaches, current coaches.

“There are two security guards in between the fans section and they come on with fifteen minutes left like ‘hey, don’t leave your seats, you guys are winning so don’t leave your seats, we’ll escort you.’

“I’ve never seen, heard or conceptualised anything like that. It was phenomenal and I can’t wait to go back for another game.”

Contrasting fortunes.

The next opportunity for Griffin to head to a Liverpool v Man United game will come on March 20, although it might be harder for the the Super Bowl LV winner to get his hands on tickets for Anfield.

While the rivalry remains intense, the gap between the standards of the two sides has rarely been starker than it currently, with Liverpool still competing on four fronts this season, while United pick at the carcass of another below-par campaign.

Ralf Rangnick’s side will look to put things right when they take on Brighton on Tuesday, while Liverpool are preparing for a Champions League meeting with Inter Milan on Wednesday.

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